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Pan of pumpkin fudge is birthday gift

Northeast Ohio

Greetings and salutations to all you good people wherever you might be, and I do hope everyone is well and looking forward to a long, warm, happy summer. Believe it or not, we had a frost and some freezing in this area recently, and more in the forecast.

We had a really great weekend with our company, Charles and Delores. Bill and Redia came by and so did Richard and Georgia. We just mostly sat around talking and eating, and they took us to Little Edna Church, Sunday. It is the first time we had been to church since the last of December 2009.

Charles and Delores brought me a birthday gift. Yes, my favorite, a pan of pumpkin fudge, and I do believe she outdid herself this time. It was the best I ever remember having.

I really must say, “thank you” to a group of special ladies, my girlfriends (I hope) who attend the First Church of God in Neon, who made sure I got my fudge.

Besides my thanks, I send my love and hope maybe one of these days I’ll be down that way and can attend church with Delores and get to meet some or all of you.

I think maybe I have solved my quilting problem. While downstairs doing laundry my mind was working as much or more than my hands. I use hoops to quilt, which makes it very tight, so I came up with scheme to put hoops on to get everything straight, pin around inside of hoop, remove and sew. I did that with the block I was working on, and I must say it seemed to work well.

I did quite a bit of sewing and only had to use the gripper one time. It was very slow and stitches sure aren’t as neat and small, but the quilt will get finished in time. I’m about ready to move the hoops to the next block.

I went to the drugstore this morning and noticed how prettily the lilacs are blooming. Mother Nature has not overwhelmed us with everything blooming at once, instead each week she is giving us a new wonder to see, smell and enjoy.

Birds are out in full force, every size and color and there is always a concert of their many songs to listen to. Beautiful!

I called Jeanie and she seems to be doing well at the present time. They are expecting Calvin and Mary soon. They have bought a home in New York and plan to put theirs in Indiana on the market.

Red’s sister Nina spent a few days in the hospital, but is home now and doing well. He called his sister Jean and she said she was doing fairly well. He and Charles talk pretty often; they are the only two boys left in their family.

I want to say hello to cousins Jesse and Wilma Franklin in Somerset. I hope you are both doing well, and what’s this I hear about you living near or knowing someone who was at Stuart Robinson School the same time I was? I’m a ‘Curious George,’ and want to know who it is.

Well, it’s almost May Day, time to shuck the shoes and go barefoot. Growing up back in the hills we really looked forward to the first day of May when Mom would let us get back to nature by going barefoot. Shoes were for visiting and Sunday School.

I’m behind on getting this finished as we had some late visitors and now it’s almost time for Catharine to come knocking on our door.

For the last time I want to remind everyone about the Engle picnic on Sunday, May 30, at the community/ senior citizens center in Flat Gap, Va. I hope to see you there.

Have a blessed day and a great summer. Love, peace and prayers to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@ yahoo.com.

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