Whitesburg KY

Panel doesn’t believe man was acting in self-defense

The Letcher County Grand Jury has determined that a 36-year-old Deane man was not acting in selfdefense when he shot a friend to death after a night of drinking beer together on July 3.

The grand jury last week charged Bobby Gene Collins with murder in connection with the death of 37- year-old Mark “Bocky” Adams of Thornton.

Collins told Kentucky State Police he was scared and protecting himself from danger when he fired a .12-gauge shotgun at Adams, who he claimed was walking onto his porch to try to kill him.

Collins said Adams made the threat and started walking toward him after Collins fired a warning shot intended to get Adams to stop beating on his wife, Kathy Grogan.

Collins owned a .410-gauge shotgun, but had borrowed the gun used in the shooting from a friend.

There were no eyewitnesses to the shooting. Police say Adams was unarmed.

Collins was also indicted by the grand jury last week on an apparently unrelated count of criminal mischief.

The jury says that on April 23, Collins committed first-degree criminal mischief when he “intentionally defaced and damaged the 2004 Ford Explorer owned by Randy Watts by ‘keying’ his name on said automobile, thereby causing property damages of $1,000 or more.”

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