Whitesburg KY

Parents too high to care for infant, state trooper says

The parents of a three-week-old baby boy were arrested after a police said he found them “manifestly” under the influence of drugs.

Tabitha M. Clevinger, 24, and Kenneth W. Sexton, 32, both of 84 Stinking Branch, Thornton, were arrested at 1:14 a.m. on April 10 by Kentucky State Police Trooper Ben McCray.

McCray wrote in an arrest citation that upon arriving at the home of Clevinger and Sexton, he deter mined that they were under the influence of an unknown drug. McCray said Clevinger had pill residue in her nose from inhaling the drug.

McCray described both Clevinger and Sexton as having slurred speech, glossy eyes, unable to stay alert, and being unsteady on feet.

McCray wrote that both parents were not in any condition to care for their infant.

According to a citation, one tablet of the narcotic painkiller hydrocodone was found in Clevinger’s bra when she was searched at the Letcher County Jail.

Both Clevinger and Sexton were charged with firstdegree wanton endangerment, endangering the welfare of a minor, and seconddegree possession of a controlled substance. Clevinger was also charged with firstdegree promoting contraband.

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