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Past can provide good laughs

As I have written before, no matter how hard times have been in the past, no matter how low in the valley we have been, no matter how much sickness or disappointments we have had or how many trials and tribulations we have experienced, God has been good to us. If we take a moment or two to reflect on the past I am sure we can find a good laugh or two back then somewhere if we look hard and long enough. Besides, I really don’t believe the Lord intended for us to walk around with our lower lip hanging down below our chin.

When I worked for a pest control company back in the mid 70s, I saw quite a few things which I didn’t agree with or think were comical from my point of view. But I also realize that not all people are of the same opinion. Most of my work I did while nobody was at home. The door was either left unlocked for me to lock as I left or else I knew where the key was.

I really don’t blame the people for desiring to be elsewhere while I proceeded to stink up the place because I always did just that. The chemicals I used were not something with a harmful vapor, but to tell the honest facts they smelled worse than a bag of rotten onions. We had ways to lessen the stink such as wintergreen oilsoaked cottonballs placed in strategic locations. Sometimes it helped and sometimes it didn’t, but after 30 years I still can’t stand the smell of wintergreen oil. As my grandma used to say, fooling with that stuff was a little too much for a nickel and not enough for a dime.

I couldn’t help being skeptical about entering a home where I had to use a key to get in. I always had a dreadful fear of finding a murder scene. My fears were not unfounded because it almost happened to me except the murder occurred after my departure. But at least it gave the investigators something to go by in determining the time of the murder. But there was no doubt as to the cause of death.

Anyway, about that laugh back yonder. I was over in Harlan County working my route and came to a home I usually had to open myself. But not this day because a woman’s club was meeting there. Their get-together was finished and they were standing near the door talking before going their separate ways. The lady of the house told me to go right ahead with my work, which I did. But, I couldn’t help hearing what they were saying.

Someone had been killed in an auto accident trying to get to the hospital after finding out their mother had been found in a bathtub with stab wounds and was about to expire. Someone caught their wife in bed with their minister. Someone had been shot while walking the dog. Someone else had run off another man’s wife. By then I was wondering what kind of place I had wandered into and wishing I was somewhere else, anywhere.

They were serious about their conversation, especially since some of them were about ready to start boo-hooing any second and me feeling sorry for them. But they left before the tears started flowing and one of them says, “Be sure to watch the story tomorrow, so you can fill me in.” They had me feeling sorry for them and they were talking about a lousy soap opera all the time.

And that’s all from the funny farm till next time.

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