Whitesburg KY

Past tragedies recalled

As we turn through the pages of time of years gone by, we can see many things and many changes which have happened.

The event which bears on my mind the most is the school bus tragedy on February 28 in 1958 and how helpless those children were on that bus when it plunged into the swollen river. I can only imagine all the anguish which followed.

Then we think of wars and conflicts and all the young men who were plucked off the farms and out of the cornfields and cities and sent off to war with very little training. Many had never picked up a rifle before, much less shot one. Thousands didn’t make it back home.

Many tears were shed because of the draft, especially by the mothers, because other than the Lord, your mother is the best friend you ever had. Please remember I said mother. There are mothers and there are childbearing women. There is a world of difference between a mother and a childbearing woman. A mother’s love never dies and a childbearing woman had to love to begin with. In today’s world there seem to be as much of one as the other.

The same goes for the men. Almost any adult male can be a father, but it takes someone of a special breed to be a daddy.

Next we see how much the dress code has changed. You can buy jeans today that look as if they are already worn out and pay a hefty price for them to boot.

I had much rather see a woman with pants on than to see what kind of drawers she is wearing every time she bends over. Many women wear short dresses and skirts to create interest, ‘men bait’ so to speak.

There are still some of the old faithful around for the men, the bib overalls. They will really take a beating, but I bet they won’t take the beating they once did. People, especially in the country, used to boil their denim to get it clean, any colored clothing for that matter. I fear there wouldn’t be very much left if one boiled some of the clothes we buy in this day and age.

And that’s all from the funny farm till next week.

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