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Paul prefers local efforts to combat drug problem


Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul says the federal government should take a backseat to local initiatives to combat drug trafficking and addiction problems afflicting Kentucky.

Paul toured a faith-based addiction recovery center at Dixon in western Kentucky on Monday. His visit was a testament to the emergence of the drug epidemic as a key issue in his hard-fought race against Democrat Jack Conway.

Paul told reporters that he opposes federal earmarks for Operation UNITE, a federal initiative providing undercover narcotics and investigations and addiction treatment.

Paul said the anti-drug program should compete for federal funding in the traditional committee process, but said his preference is for local efforts to combat the problem.

The tea party-backed Paul said Kentucky would be betterequipped to combat the drug scourge if so many of its tax dollars weren’t being shuttled to Washington, in hopes that some will return to the Bluegrass state.

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