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Pea-planting time is here

Boy, oh boy, pea-planting time is here at last. Springtime is just around the corner. I don’t know how far around the corner, but it won’t be long. It has been a long, bad winter.

I always planted my peas on Feb. 14, whenever possible. I planted, fertilized and stake my peas all in the same day and never went back to the patch until picking time.

If you try to hoe peas all you do is damage them, and they need to be planted in the middle of March. Any later and they won’t do too well, and will most likely get the ‘wilt’ (blight).

Everyone to their own choosing, but I prefer the melting sugar type, even if they do have to be staked. But you’re just wasting your time trying to get them to climb a stick like a bean, because they won’t do it. They have tentacles like a cucumber and grapes.

They must have something to grasp instead of winding around a stick. I want tender peas, so as to eat the hull too, because to me, the hull tastes better than the pea itself.

I used ammonium nitrate on some one year, and raised 18 bushels. A lot of things I used to do, I can’t do any longer, but I am teaching my grandkids about the art of raising different things to grace the family table, and we enjoy it.

My wife used to make over a hundred quarts of tomato juice and she would use it all before canning time the next year.

I was never very good at raising sweet corn or sweet potatoes, either. I doubt I will live to see it, but at the rate things are going, in the future people will be clearing these old fields for planting again with a shotgun in each end of the field because some people won’t know how to use a hoe and some will get some buckshot in the behind because they would rather steal than work.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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