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People are going back to wood heaters

North Carolina

PERSON OF THE WEEK — North Carolina correspondent Gladys M. Smith chose Violet Philipi as her person of the week.

PERSON OF THE WEEK — North Carolina correspondent Gladys M. Smith chose Violet Philipi as her person of the week.

We are blessed with a cool morning. The stores are selling stove pipes. Winter is on his journey. People are going back to wood heaters. Our electricity is very high, so wood heaters are a blessing to have.

Most of the gardens are gone and we are busy canning. I have most of mine done.

By Rose Ballard’s column they had terrible storms. We are familiar with storms. My pets hide under the bed when storms come. We gave the apartment to our pets and they love it.

It was nice talking to Oma Hatton. She has a very pleasant voice, but what Kentucky person doesn’t? We talked about you, Emma and Rose, nice.

For my person of the week I choose my best friend in the world, Sister Violet Philipi. To know her is to love her. Our personalities aren’t the same. She is so outgoing, never meets a stranger. Let me tell you a little her, OK? She gets on a plane and goes to India by herself, get that? Loves to travel. Not me. Loves fishing. Not me. Will talk to a complete stranger. Not me, although I did call Oma Hatton but she doesn’t seem a stranger.

Violet really works for the Lord. We all in the church love her. She called me about a dream she had, nothing thought about it. Sunday after church Pete and I took her to a seafood restaurant in Calabash. She had a birthday cake with 79 on it. We were so full on food we didn’t cut the cake. When we were seated, she said, “Here is the paneling I saw in my dream.” Then these people came in and she said, “There is the woman I saw in my dream.” She talked to this woman. Like I said, she never meets a stranger. On the way home we took the wrong road and she said, “Here are the trees I saw in my dream.” I took pictures. It made a great testimony for Sunday night service.

I am here to tell you if you want to full life, get in church.

If anyone comes to Shallotte, N.C., be sure to go to Calabash to eat. We go to The Kitchen but we went to Becks, the old original Calabash restaurant, established in 1940. The address is 1014 River Road, Calabash, N.C., (910) 579-6776. The menu is great, starters, soups, salads, for kids and seniors, sandwiches, side orders, beverages, seafood entrees, create a combo, seafood platters, substitutions for entire menu, house favorites, from the grill, steak orders, and our favorite desserts.

Becks Seafood Restaurant is amid the inlets and marshes. In the late 1800s, Calabash was known as Pea Landing because of the shipping of peanuts to Wilmington, N.C. The name Calabash was an Indian name meaning gourd. Calabash River is a gourd-like shape. Calabash was a fish camp in the beginning. It included outdoor oyster roasts. You may see the shrimp boats coming after a long, hard day at sea.

The waiters are extra polite so I will include them also.

Pete and I went to help clean the church. Guests from Peru were to be there.

Take every day as a gift from God. We all love gifts and each day is one. Love, prayers to all. Pete, Gladys, and critters.

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