Whitesburg KY

People don’t visit much anymore

Hello everyone. I guess it’s time for our little visit so pull up a chair and maybe get a cup of coffee so you won’t get bored.

This week has just gone by so fast. Our sympathy goes out to the Ronnie Combs family of Isom. His wife Margaret is a close relative. I’ve known her all her life. The large crowd at the funeral told how much the family was loved.

My son Astor came in with Ernie Napier. He is a cousin of Margaret and also Doug Napier, brother of Ernie. I saw a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a long time. It was good seeing Donald Dixon with his sister Effie (Dixon) Hatton. All of these are Marlowe people who grew up there.

There was some real pretty singing at the funeral, Frieda (Buttrey) Combs and the group. I hadn’t seen Frieda in a long time. It was good seeing her and her husband and so many people I hadn’t seen in a while. I’ve not been getting out much and not going far.

It was good getting a call from my Blackey friend Joann Walters. I’ve missed my friends at the Senior Citizens. I hope I can go back soon.


I’ve been trying to get some work done that I had to let get behind.

It was good hearing from Bertha (Page) Dye. I appreciate all of you who have been missing my news, telling me you are glad I’m back. I think you are just being nice.

Glendora Eldridge, I appreciated you calling me and I’ve got to answer your letter. I love hearing from friends and have trouble getting around to getting things done.

I was so pleased to be getting back to church and finding it had been totally remodeled and painted and it is beautiful! Some folks have really worked hard.

I was so pleased that Frieda and her mother, Mable Jo Buttrey, came to visit me when I was in rehab.

It was so good to see Shirley Breeding at the funeral. She looked so good! We spent a lot of time together when our husbands were sick at the Veterans Home in Hazard. I’ll never forget her. She sure was a big help to me.

My sister Betty Tyree came to visit me yesterday. I sure enjoyed it. People just don’t visit anymore. They use Facebook and telephone and that’s good. I remember the old days when people came and sat on the porches and watched all the children play in the yard and sometimes we played with them. Those were the good old days. People just don’t have time anymore. Where has it gone?

We have been having a lot of rain and the weeds are growing. Everyone’s gardens have done really well.

I haven’t been getting out much and not driving more than a mile or so, mostly to church or grocery store. I am doing much better and getting my strength back.

My sister Betty Tyree and I went to a baby shower at Cowan Community Center for Rachel Sexton. We really enjoyed it. There were so many people there that I hadn’t seen in a long time. She sure got a lot of nice gifts and there was so much delicious food. A lot of work went into that shower and I’m sure it was appreciated very much for the family, and we all enjoyed it.

I’ve sure enjoyed everyone calling or writing to me to tell me how bad that they missed me when I wasn’t writing my news. I couldn’t hardly believe it, but I was pleased.

We have had so many of our friends that are no longer with us and we surely miss them.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church if you are able. I’ve sure missed mine when I wasn’t able to go.

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