Whitesburg KY

People living away like to keep in touch

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! My son Chad and his wife Amber came in for the weekend from Greensburg, Ind. We had a good visit and all of us went to Pine Mountain Grill on Friday night.

Also, my niece Kim (Fields) Hoskins from Oneida, stopped by to visit. She had my great-niece Emily McIntosh with her. I was glad to see both of them.

I forgot to wish Kim’s daughter Dasia a happy birthday on Dec. 26. Sorry, Dasia, for being late.

I want to thank The Mountain Eagle for allowing diff erent ones of us to write about their neighborhood. People who live away from here like keeping in touch, and knowing what’s going on, and sometimes this is the only way they find out.

So keep up the good work, Mountain Eagle, and all of the writers. I enjoy every column — including Speak Your Piece!

I finally met Oma Hatton in person. We met at jury duty. Maybe we will get to talk a little more later on.

Glad to see this snow melting away. Hopefully it stays gone for awhile.

I am proud of the University of Kentucky Wildcats this year. They are doing great. Go Cats!!

Also, the Indianapolis Colts football team is doing great this year. I’m not usually a sports nut, but I have enjoyed the Wildcats basketball and Indy Colts this season. I don’t understand football much, but I enjoy the scores.

Hello to all of my relatives and friends in Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee. I hope all of you are having a great year and are staying well.

I hated to see the consignment store at Whitesburg (the old Paul Mason car lot) burn. They hadn’t been in there very long. I never had a chance to go in, but was wanting to. So whoever lost their items, I’m really sorry for your loss.

Prayer list this week: Pray for all the lost, the homeless, sick and afflicted; those enslaved with drugs and alcohol; our country; our city; all of the Christians; our churches and our preachers; for everyone, and also the people in Haiti who have lost everything, and all the families who lost loved ones in the earthquake.

Also, a happy birthday to my great-niece Tony Fields, the daughter of Wayne and Missy Fields. I hope you have a good one.

May God bless each and everyone. Until next time.

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