Whitesburg KY

People may have to rely on gardens for their food

It’s that time of year again, folks – resurrection time as I call it. The daffodils are blooming, the trees are budding to bloom, and I sure hope they don’t get in too much of a hurry. If they bloom too early, they will most likely get frozen again this year and the early fruit will get demolished again.

The robins are back also. I haven’t seen any squirrels scurrying about though. Without a doubt many of them got caught shorthanded and starved due to the lack of food to store up for winter.

But still, God knows best, and there is no such thing as luck. Whatever will be, will be.

I love to see these old hills begin to turn green in the spring. Also, I have noticed some people that are beginning to catch a disease called spring fever. Garden plots are beginning to be plowed, some in places that haven’t been cultivated in several years.

If our devastated economy doesn’t do a quick turnaround, a lot more people will be trying to grow some of the food essential for survival because groceries are already all but out of reach for a lot of us.

Who would have ever dreamed that we would be paying over $3 for a gallon of fuel, or $4 for a gallon of milk, or $2 for a dozen eggs? Eggs were $10 to $12 a dozen back during the gold rush days. One would think that chickens are laying goldplated eggs these days.

I feel concerned for the families of our soldiers. They, too, must live on a fixed income – and I do mean fixed because the soldiers don’t get very many cost-of-living increases and what are our soldiers serving and dying for?

The U.S. is turning more and more toward a communist society. The 10 Commandments have all but been done away with. The Constitution is in danger of being done away with also. What are our soldiers coming home to, those who don’t come back in a pine box? To add insult to injury, the first thing they do is Old Glory over their coffin.

Many of our veterans come home to absolutely nothing. They lost their homes and families long ago, and many of them spend their last years living anywhere they can and eating in soup kitchens or anywhere else they can get food. Many of them merely live on the street because there is no place else to go.

If I sound a little bitter it’s because I am bitter. Our veterans, who should be treated as the gallant men and women that they are, are soon forgotten, caught up in a maze of red tape. The rich are getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. We can’t blame it all on our President, either. His hands are tied unless Congress passes the legislation proposed by him. Therefore we must lay most of the blame on the shoulders of our own elected Congress.

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