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People today don’t know the meaning of Christmas

I didn’t have an article in the paper last week due in part to being just plain lazy and having been a little under the weather for about three weeks.

I read the article by Ked Sanders about Mr. Marlow Tackett and it brought a lot of old memories flooding back to a time of long ago, back to a time when people, even little children, were not so selfish. Back then, Christmas really meant something to many people, but people today don’t know the meaning of Christmas. They have even taken Christ out of the word and sign or write it as ‘Xmas.’

That ‘X’ could mean a lot of things, but nothing can change the meaning of Christ. After all, He was God’s gift to the world of mankind. It is good to give, but don’t forget where it all started.

We know not what day or month our Savior was born or what He looked like. December 25 is simply the day and month set aside by man to honor His birth. But I’m afraid there is not much honor attached to this date anymore.

Mostly what it is all about now is money, not celebrating the birth of Christ. And it starts before Thanksgiving, the day people should stop and think of all the things they need to be thankful for, especially having a Savior.

If the people would just stop and think, if they got to see a new day they should really be thankful, but most are not.

Mostly what people think of today when Christmas time comes is what they are going to receive in worldly goods, and they get upset if they don’t get what they think they ought to, as compared to the value of what they gave.

If you give something and expect to get the same value in return you haven’t given anything. If you can’t give freely, it is better to not give at all because it was not a gift from the heart.

Christmas will be here in a mite over two weeks, and the retailers will be smiling from ear to ear, and uneasy too, because they will be afraid that they won’t make as much money as they did last year. And I predict that they won’t.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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