Whitesburg KY

Percy Sledge concert was enjoyed by many

Bach Court

The Fourth of July was a real hot, sweaty and humid day.

Of course Wendy, my daughter, was sick so we spent most of the day in the Whitesburg ER. Sandy Roark came in, then Terry Perkins brought his boss in. I hope he and his family are doing well. The man Terry brought in had gotten burned with propane.

That evening I went to the Percy Sledge concert. I saw Margaret Fischer, Lydia Hall, and Lisa and Laken Baker. The place was packed.

Robin Watco, James Wiley and wife, and Sandy Hammock were all sitting next to the river under a canopy where there was a cool breeze.

After the concert Percy Sledge signed CDs and pictures. He didn’t quit until the last CD and picture were signed. He also took pictures with everyone who wanted to take one with him.

Tim Baker came over to talk to me, and since he looks a lot like Chuck Norris a lot of people thought he was with Percy Sledge, and Mr. Sledge thought it was funny. Some people even took their picture with Tim.

It was a fun evening, and the fireworks were good also.

I had my daughter, Wendy Lucas, a birthday party July 8. Brianna Cornett, Shirley Lucas and husband Jake, and dad Danny Ison were here. We had a great meal. I fixed it after I got home from church. We had meatloaf, green beans, fresh-made coleslaw, cornbread, sliced tomatoes and corn on the cob from Food City, and the corn was really good. We also had cake and ice cream.

Danny Fre d Ison brought my granddaughter Maci over last week. I always enjoy her company. She is so funny. Lacy took her to the races Saturday night.

Pastor Tony Brown had a birthday Saturday, July 7.

There are 10 or more hummingbirds out on the clothesline out back next to the feeder. Every time you step outside it sounds like they’re coming in for a landing.

Wishing Sandy Ison a happy birthday July 3, and Tracey Lynn Cornett on July 1.

I ran into Charlene Holcomb at Carr Creek Lake. It was so hot everyone was getting into the water.

Chris Whitaker stopped by to see me for awhile. He is doing really great.

Until next week, God bless.

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