Whitesburg KY
Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy

Perfect day for tractor pull

The weekend was nice, sunny, and just the right temperature. It was perfect for the tractor pull they had at Isom.

West Whitesburg

The Kids’ Day they had at Jenkins sounded like fun also, all the rides and contests they had. I liked the watermelon contest.

Thelma Brown is having a birthday party at Bach Court’s gazebo on June 9. Everyone is invited. There’ll be live music, plenty of food and a lot of fun.

Mahalia Banks’s daughter, Ashley Sizemore, and husband Mike, brought the granddaughter over to visit. They also visited with Doug and Joyce Banks, the great-grandparents.

Dr. Bryon Thomas was having Mexican carryout last Monday night. Myself and Mahalia Banks had dinner. It was great.

Susie Banks of Premium isn’t doing well. Jo Ann Fields and their brother, Ray Ison, are all sick and not doing well. Keep them in your prayers.

Harvest Baptist Church of Whitesburg had its yard sale last Saturday, June 2. Luvie Blair said they did really well.

Ann Adams has been in the WARH. She had been very sick, but is home now and doing better.

Emma Amburgey was at Parkway Hair Design getting her hair done. She is volunteering at the WARH. She is doing great.

Phyliss Caudill also stopped by, and she is doing great also.

Tim Baker got a haircut also. One of his sons is stationed in Hawaii. Sounded like that would be a great vacation.

I can’t wait until they start having all the events at the walking track at Riverside Park. Give everyone something to do.

Ricky Williams of Kingscreek and Brenda Fields of Cowan are getting married July 15 at the Kingscreek Community Park. Congratulations.

Here at Bach Court there are bluebirds, redbirds, woodpeckers, hummingbirds and all kinds of little brown birds. There are also several chipmunks. They come sneaking up on the porch, but of course my dog Charlie spots them, and away goes the chipmunk and Charlie right after it. It’s quite funny.

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