Whitesburg KY

Pharmacists speak at Ermine Senior Center

Our center was closed for about two weeks due to the water problem. We went back last Thursday and Friday. We had great crowds. Everyone was glad to be back and see everyone else. Our site manager, Debbie Slone, wasn’t there due to having surgery on her face.

Roger Hall visited us on Thursday. He has a program on the radio.

Friday, we had two pharmacists and Stacy from Kentucky River Area Development District (KRADD) to show us a film about our medicines. The pharmacist talked to us about our medicines and explained about them. We had three other centers there. They were Kingscreek, Oven Fork, and Blackey. We were glad to have them. Our county judge was there also.

About 15 of our seniors visited Boone Fork Center and had a great time. They were very pleased about the welcome they received and would like to thank the site manager and all the seniors for their friendliness to them.

Boone Fork, come and visit our center. We welcome you.

We are planning our St. Patrick’s Day March 17. Also, that will be our potluck dinner. So, seniors, dress in your greens, Wear your green necklaces, green hats and green shoes also. Come and join in the fun as all seniors citizens are welcome.

We have great times at our parties. Come and see who Mr. and Mrs. Leprechaun are.

God bless until next time.

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