Whitesburg KY

Phone calls have replaced visiting


Hello everybody, hope you are all doing well.

Time is going by so fast it’s hard to find something or someone to write about.

It was good talking to Anna Lee Maggard. We hadn’t talked in a while and I hadn’t seen her. We don’t live far apart, but it seems like we don’t have time to visit. It’s easier to pick up the phone.

I can still remember when we didn’t have a phone. We seemed to have more time then and we would visit, sit on the porch and talk, and watch the children play, maybe drink a cup of coffee and sometimes eat a piece of cake or candy that we had made. That seems like a long time ago. Sometimes I think about it and miss that.

I’m glad my son Billy Hatton got a job with Freedom Ford selling trucks. He loves that and did it for a long time. He just didn’t want to retire.

My niece Robin Tyree seems to be doing well after two knee operations in Pikeville Hospital.

My niece Edwina (Howard) Adams was telling me that her sister Doretha and her husband Ben Bentley’s little grandbaby was gaining weight and seemed to be doing OK. He weighed less than two pounds. We are all pleased about that.

I talked with Dorthy Miles today. Those treatments are hard on her.

My grandson Chris Hatton is still having a lot of pain after his four-wheeler wreck and the surgery. Keep him, Dorthy Miles, and the little baby in your prayers. Also Chris’s daughter, Gracie Hatton, had to have a tooth cut out and had a lot of problems. She’s only 9 years old and is having a lot of pain.

I’m really enjoying the Bible study every Wednesday morning with Bro. Tony Brown at Dairy Queen. I wish more people would come. It’s good teaching and also good fellowship.

I sure enjoyed having my son Rob Hatton after the races for a few days. He had to get home for his daughter Rocki Hill’s birthday on Aug. 28.

My sons always have a great time at the races, all four of them. Larry’s son Chris had to go on crutches and Astor and Rosemary’s son Michael Blevins went with them. They are all good friends.

I called my granddaughter, it was Rocki’s birthday. We enjoyed our talk.

I visited with Glen and Dorthy Miles on Thursday and also got to see their grandson Neal Miles and his pretty wife and their little son. Such a good looking family! Neal is in the Marines nine years and plans on retiring there. I sure enjoyed my visit with all of them. Dorthy had a sore throat. I hope she’s feeling better. It may be an allergy. Lots of folks are having that, including me.

I hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend.

I miss my brother John Howard. He has gone back to the lake. He loves fishing.

I was glad to see Emma Lou Engle’s news. I hope she is doing well. I’m glad her husband Red is out of the hospital. I hope he’s doing better. So many people are sick. About every family has someone with health problems. We’ll keep them in our prayers.

I was pleased to get a call from Bertha (Page) Dye on Friday. We talked about our Marlowe days and all the people there. So many of them are no longer with us. I try to keep in touch as much as I can. She was telling me her brother-inlaw Riley Caudill is in the Veterans Center at Hazard. I didn’t know it. He just lived a short distance from me. His wife was the late Dinah Mae (Page) Caudill. I knew he had a lot of health problems. He is the father of William Caudill who sings and plays music with Steve Caudill. I love their music, they are good!

I went to the old church on Dry Fork for the first time in many years, the Pentecostal Church. I think the late Bro. Robert “Buddy” Wilson started it and the late Elijah Sandlin had it for a long time. He passed away and they didn’t have a pastor. Now they are trying to keep it going. Bro. Donald Enfusse preached wonderful last night. It was good to see Helen Brown, Jean Sandlin, Barbara Adams and her son Kevin Adams, and Sis. Thelma (Pugh) Bates, who sang some beautiful songs and we really enjoyed them. She’s a real good singer.

It was good seeing everyone. They will be having services there every Friday night at 7 o’clock with different preachers. Everyone is invited to come. They need a church there for people who are not able to go to other places. I plan to go back. I went there a lot a long, long time ago.

My son Bill Hatton and all his family are at his lake house this weekend. I know they will have a great time. They love getting together, especially there.

I called an old Marlowe friend, Iva (Absher) Cheatham of Stanford, on Saturday. I hadn’t heard from her in a while and then I realized it was my time to call. She calls me most of the time. She said her son Jack was having a lot of health problems and she was also having some herself. Her daughter Brenda was doing OK and she was expecting her for a visit. I don’t remember where she lives, but Jack lives close by.

I’m sure you think I’ve not done anything but talk. I love people, but I don’t get out much and I just pick up the phone while I’m thinking about them and call and we have our visit and I find out all about them and let everyone know how they are doing. I never put in anything they wouldn’t like.

I’m sure you are tired of all this, so may God bless you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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