Whitesburg KY




Whitesburg Middle School’s UNITE Club has been named “Club of the Year” for the seventh year in a row. The group has been recognized for excellence every year since the awards were first presented in 2006. The club was a regional finalist in 2007 and a “Youth Impact Award” winner 2010. Pictured are (front row, left to right) Tamara Everly, Brittany Collins, Delilah Fleming, Shelia Cole, Hannah Blair, Kiana Day, Grace Burke, Kara Collins, Lori Sturgill, Hannah McFall, (second row) Raeann Fultz, Jaden Richardson, Tayler Fox, Courtney Boggs, Cheyenne Hibbitts, Cheyenne Profitt, Sarenity Lewis, Casey Sturgill, Kami Adams (third row) Charleigh Spangler, Katanna Fugate, Emma Thomas, Elizabeth Haley, Celena Spanger, Christian Broderdorp, Alexis Collins, Hunter Vance, Montana Morton, Emily Baker, Anna Morris, (fourth row) Sidney Mullins, Courtney Whitaker, Kaitlyn (Blondie) Davis, Shanoah Adams, Summer Brock, Jake Gibson, Dakota Fields, Noah Griffith, Luke Little, Hannah Wampler, Kristan Kidd Cunniff, (fifth row) Kaitlin Fields, Morgan Blair, Austin Adams, Trey Wilson, Austin Banks, Alyssa Adams, Jaydon Tolliver, Paul Fleming, Austin Caudill, (sixth row) Austin Profitt, Michael Blair, Mark Harvey, Nick Little, Manuel Meade, Jeremiah Hensley, Zack Cokonougher, Dalton McCown, (seventh row) Harley Franks, Jeremy Sturgill, Joshua Day, McKenzie Miller, Kayla Jones, Terrell Carter, Tannar Lucas, Sarah Kincer, Bobbie Collins and Jason Pease.

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