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Photocopy of I.D. leads to arrest in copper theft

A Thornton man was arrested by the Letcher County Sheriff’s Department last week after he allegedly stole 900 pounds of copper wire.

Charles Gross, 35, of 3587 Thornton Road, Thornton, allegedly stole $1,618.20 worth of copper from Leslie Hall at Kona and sold it to Baker’s Scrap Metal and Recycle located at Thornton.

Randall Baker, of Baker’s Scrap Metal and Recycle, said Gross had brought some aluminum wire to his center the week before but didn’t receive much payoff for the amount of time it took him to get the wire. Baker said Gross brought in the 900 pounds of copper and said that he was reclaiming around an abandoned deep mine. According to Baker, Gross had told him that since he spent so much time on the aluminum wire his “boss” would split the profits of the copper with him.

Baker photocopied Gross’s driver’s license because it is Baker’s policy to make a copy of a photo I.D. of anyone that brings copper to the business.

Gross is also accused of stealing four Caterpillar batteries belonging to Hall.

Gross was arrested on January 22 and charged with theft of unlawful taking more than $300.

Gross is lodged in the Letcher County Jail on $1,000 cash bond.

Letcher County Sheriff ‘s Deputy Mike Rose has charge of the investigation.

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