Whitesburg KY

Photography display at Appalshop

A native of Ohio, Addison Williams moved to eastern Kentucky with his wife several years ago. Initially, they had little thought of staying permanently, but have since, in his words, “fallen in love with the wonderful people, culture, and scenery of this area and consider it ‘home.’”

Williams has presented his love for the region through the lens of a camera. His work varies from panoramic landscapes to extreme close- ups that reveal textures and fine details of nature that are often overlooked. He also enjoys working on a grand scale as evidenced by his production of dynamic hiresolution metal prints that command attention.

Addison’s artwork is commonly purchased to adorn homes and various businesses in the Appalachian region.

His latest collection of prints that focus on the exquisite beauty of the mountains is on display for the public at the Appalshop Gallery in Whitesburg. An artist reception will follow on Saturday, April 1, at 5 p.m.

To preview his work, visit his website at www.AddisonWilliams.com.

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