Whitesburg KY

Photos prove it is not just another fish tale

Big Cowan

Well, here I am again. Hard to believe another week has gone by so fast.

Mary Lou Fields came by the other day and we reminisced about the good old days and how Cowan was always full of kids playing horseshoes, hopscotch, Anthony over, jump rope, jacks, paper dolls, etc.

Some kids today cannot get through one day without computers, cell phones, calculators, and all the other electronic gizmo’s out there. I miss seeing kids playing and using their own imagination. Those were the days.

We also talked about all the families that had moved in and out of the old Holiness Church across the road and some of the families that had good looking boys didn’t know Mary Lou was look. I will keep that secret. Ha! Ha!

My cousin, Emma Adams, has been collecting old pictures and family CDs. It’s good to see old pictures of relatives that we had not seen before. She does a good job.

My husband was home last weekend and was a big help putting up shelves and doing other odds and ends. I’m still not unpacked completely but am still working on it.

August birthdays: Irene Day (80 years old), August 6; Kathy Wolfe (my sister, 55 years old), August 12; Mike Fields (my son, 37 years old), August 26.

A happy birthday to all of them.

My little dog Deago is having a hard time adjusting to all the new sounds like katydids, tree frogs, roosters, peacocks, and some of the other night critters. All he is used to being around are cats, dogs, mosquitoes, and lightning bugs. LOL (laugh out loud)!

My son, Mike, is enjoying himself. He has become a real good friend with Kay Kay Daniel. They seem to enjoy each other’s company.

My niece, Juanita Fields, caught a big catfish and then turned it loose. She had pictures to prove it or I would have thought it just another fish tale!

Wayne Fields has back surgery in Lexington on July 30. He is recuperating at home. We all wish him a speedy recovery.

Irene and Eugene Day celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary on July 28. Irene also turns 80 years old August 6.

A big thank you goes out to Roger and Debbie Eldridge of UZ for supplying me with a fullsize bed. It looks nice in this old house. Also, thanks to Archie Fields, my brother, for picking it up for me and to my sister, Kathy, and her husband, Eddie Wolfe, for finding it for me. They go to church with Roger and Debbie.

I would like to say a big hello to all my Indiana friends and family who read The Mountain Eagle. Miss you guys! These mountains are beautiful this time of the year. Wish you could be here.

My nephew, Thomas Wolfe, came home for the weekend. It was good to see him. He went with his mom and dad to yard sales on Friday and spent all his money but had fun.

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