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Phyllis Ann Fields marking birthday

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hope all are enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having.

Congratulations to Jordan and Sherae Absher and big brother Braxton on the birth of their son, Jack Daryl Absher, weighing 5 pounds, 7 ounces, 18 inches long, and born Feb. 7 at 11:04 p.m.

I know grandparents Darlene Maggard Absher and James Absher of Cowan are happy, and glad that mother and baby are in good health.

Happy birthday to Phyllis Ann Fields on Feb. 16. She will be 51. On Feb. 17, Wissy Caudill, Leroy Fields and Pamela Brewer will have a birthday.

My best friend Diana Goedker will be 65 on Feb. 19. She lives in Charlestown, Ind. We have been friends since the ninth grade and have always been there for each other.

Greg Dollarhyde will be 19 on Feb. 14.

In memory of this week: Guy Stewart died three years ago on Feb. 14; my loving husband James E. Fields, would have been 68 on Feb. 14. Happy birthday and happy Valentine’s Day in heaven, my love. You are always in my heart. Shelia Younce Hogan would have had a birthday on Feb. 17. All are missed by all who knew them.

Prayer list this week: Ann Compton, Luke Polly, Jeanne and Frank Adams, Amanda Bowling, Glenda and Richard Brown and their grandson, Maggie and Bobby Stallard, Jack Rogers, Jimmy Craft, Mike Fields, Melinda “Kay-Kay” Daniel, Regina and Odell Sloan, Don and Cora Sturgill, Bug Yonts, Frieda Campbell, Agnes Maggard, Audrey and Charles Hammonds, Pam Fields, Lucille Collins, Kim and Roger Hoskins, Archie and Margaret Fields, Jessie Fay Fields Combs, Shelia and Johnny Boggs, King’s Chapel church that the Lord will continue to bless it abundantly, Irene and Eugene Day, Rick and Francis Day, all the shutins at home, in the nursing home and hospitals.

I wish that people had the courtesy to dim their headlights to oncoming traffic, whether it be a twolane or four-lane. Some of the newer lights just about blind people. Also, when they come up behind you. Thanks, I appreciate all those who do.

A big hello to all who read The Mountain Eagle. It is readers like you who keep us writers writing.

Sorry that in the wintertime some of us slow down a little bit. I’m trying to get back on track, just be patient.

Well, I’m going to go and drop this off. Keep someone in prayer, attend the church of your choice, and until next time, may God bless.

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