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Picking up litter on roadsides helps fund community projects

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Little Shepherd Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, I would like to thank the Letcher County Fiscal Court and their employees for allowing and assisting organizations such as ours to raise money by picking up litter along our roads.

This accomplishes two things, providing money for projects and events in the county, but most important, cleans up our highways.

This past week our members picked up trash along the Little Shepherd Trail and along Highway 119, crossing Pine Mountain. We were delighted to discover that the trail had not been trashed much at all. I would like to think that people who travel the trail appreciate the beauty of it and are reluctant to distract from that beauty by littering.

Unfortunately, some people traveling Highway 119 do not hold that road in as high esteem. From the top of the mountain down to the American Legion, we picked up 47 bags of trash.

Though it always makes me sad (not to mention mad) when we pick up trash along the highway, this time hit me harder than usual. We picked up several ‘Kid’s Meal’ bags and boxes along the road.

Sadly, some parents are teaching their children to break the law at a young age. Even if it was not against the law to litter, it is a very disrespectful thing to do. If you do not have respect for your surroundings, you do not have respect for yourself or others.

How hard could it be to keep a small bag in your vehicle to hold trash until you get home? Please, parents, teach your children to do the right thing by being an example to them. If you allow them to break one law, how to you expect them to understand what is right from wrong?

Our group would like to ask other organizations to help raise money to purchase the new cameras that are accessible over cellular telephone lines. We could then donate these cameras to county officials who are in charge of litter enforcement. Other states have already started using these cameras to catch and fine litterbugs.

One of the first places to set a camera up would be along Highway 19 going up Pine Mountain, one of our prettiest scenic highways. I hope that it does not come to this, and our local residents will help police ourselves.

RICHARD G. BROWN President Little Shepherd Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation

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