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Picking up pawpaws

Hello everyone!

I am still trying to play catch up, wondering what happened to August and here we are facing October.

The leaves are starting to show their magical colors, as God paints his wonderful coloring book for all to enjoy for such a short time. Please, if you are able, get out and enjoy the colors that surround you for free.

I’ve proven a point today, you can take a girl out of the mountains, but there’s no way can you take the mountains out of the girl, though maybe I should say woman.

I found a papaw tree last year, and it had four or five papaws. I stopped last week to check, and there was another tree with several pawpaws. I asked my son if he would go get them down for me.

Today as I came past I checked the tree. I found one papaw on the ground, and another one that something had eaten. I shook the tree and it rained pawpaws on me.

Grandma waited until it frosted and pawpaws turned brown. They are getting ripe now.

As I wrote about my pawpaw adventure what I neglected to say is that I will not do this trick by myself any more. I forgot how unsteady I am on my feet. I almost fell when a dead branch poked me in the back of my leg. I have a huge bruise where I scratched my ankle, which left a stream of blood.

I ventured over the hill out of sight, and left my cell phone in my car. I enjoyed this so much, I wasn’t thinking of danger. I had no idea I would actually find pawpaws, so I had nothing to put the first few in.

I know the meaning of the song, “Picking up pawpaws putting them in my pocket.”

I pulled my sweatshirt up and made a pouch out of it. I only regret that my grandchildren weren’t with me, as it brought so many memories of my childhood spent with Grandma Rosa Hall.

I think I have pawpaw fever. I stopped again at the same spot, and someone had found the small bunch that I couldn’t shake down. I walked a few feet and shook that tree, and four of the biggest, green, almost ripe pawpaws fell out.

Now my story doesn’t end there. My friend Vicki Power wanted walnuts to feed the squirrels this winter. Vicki and I took a ride down in Indiana, and not only did she get walnuts, I was fortunate enough to find more pawpaws.

The weather was beautiful and the sky so blue with layers of clouds.

Vicki and I stopped at Rising Sun to sit by the river. As we sat down on the bench a seaplane came in. There’s a business there where they were giving rides. We plan on going back to take a ride soon.

The Letcher County picnic is just a memory. We have been so fortunate as the weather has always been so nice. Saturday was very brisk, chilly day, but that didn’t stop everyone from enjoying good food and good fellowship. Those who were present were Hayward and Kim Day, Johnny and Ann Calihan, Bill Ison, Doyle and Betty Ison, Don and Betty Back, Wayne and Lettie Blair, Polly Maucher, and myself.

Southern Ohio

This date always seems to coincide with other things going on. I thought about saying this will be the last, but we plan to do it again next year.

Now I can say this the first time I have ever gone to a picnic with so much delicious food, and not being able to eat .

Betty Ison makes a delicious mandarin orange fluff. I did eat a little of it, along with a container of yogurt. Doyle and Betty brought me a can of V-8 Juice as they know I love this.

Lettie cooked a kettle of fall beans, and oh how I wanted a taste. Ann fixed a kettle of half runner green beans, and they looked and smelled so good,

There was coconut pie, which I had to leave alone. Bill Ison brought a kettle of corn from his garden and there was chicken galore. Someone brought a container of fresh fruit, and I was so tempted to try it.

I brought Keith home a plate of food, and some of Betty’s dessert. I ate it.

Thanks to Johnny for going over early to sweep the shelter. Someone was supposed to turn the electricity on, and this is the first time it wasn’t turned on. I brought a coffee pot, but that was useless.

I only mentioned a little about food, but I will say it seems if you put a group of mountain people — well I may as well just say “hillbillies” — there’s always enough food to feed an army.

I planned to mention Clarence Halcomb dying, but completely forgot to say anything. Clarence Halcomb’s birthday would have been Oct. 8.

Happy birthday to Ann Calihan and Berma Matthews, both on Oct. 7.

Thanks everyone for coming and supporting this event.

This is a happy occasion, yet a sad one as we have lost so many wonderful people in the eight years since I started this, Vivian Day, Jean Ison, Clarence Halcomb and his wife, and Bill Profit.

Ann Calihan couldn’t make it for two years because of health reasons. Betty Ison couldn’t make it a few times because of her health. This year I wasn’t worth a putter button, because to my health.

Wayne Blair is a one-man comedian as he has more stories and quotes. Hayward and I were discussing shoes and how parents put soles on with old iron shoe tacks.

Hayward used the word sprigs, instead of tacks, and oh how that made me laugh, as I hadn’t heard that expression in such a long time.

Hubert Caudill, it is a delight to be in touch with you. Hope to see you again.

Michael Ison, my hands got cold, so I needed you to hold my hand. Better make that both hands. Now Doug, I’ve said it, so maybe someone will send me a pair of gloves for Christmas.

Les and Pat Wagner wanted to go to Mountain Heritage as John Ison was participating, but Pat got a real bad ear infection and couldn’t go place

Hello John and James Ison and family. Hello Becky and Polly Hasty, I hope you are doing alright.

Belated happy birthday to Mart Hall. Sue and Mart have been enjoying Mountain Heritage.

Marcia and Mike Caudill spent a couple of weeks in Ireland. I wish I had details. Maybe next week.

Ricky Caudill is still fighting with spiders as he was bitten again.

Blackey Days will be Oct. 9 and 10.

Michael Dunn, please make sure to look me up as I am so looking forward to sharing a drink with you and showing that I haven’t forgotten my good old mountain ways. I really hope your wife is there as I am looking forward to meeting her.

I understand you and another mountain girl Anita Madden Brewer had a good time reuniting. Maybe Anita will be there for Blackey Days, and we can all get together.

Sunrise Ridge Bluegrass band will be opening for Third Time Out at Appalshop on Oct. 8.

Polly Maucher did tell me one of her relations who has a business around London had sold a winning lottery ticket, so he will get money for selling the ticket. Congratulations.

Thanks again for the prayers, good wishes and cards. I really appreciate them. Thanks for saying you missed my column.

Oma Hatton, I am so glad you are so much improved and able to write, and most of all that you are home.

Well, I am going to get this on its way, before I throw this computer out the door. It doesn’t want to type.

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