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Picnic, swimming party this week

Hello to everyone out there. Another week of July has gone by and, boy, has it been hot.

Oh well, we’re never satisfi ed, but I’ll take the hot weather anytime over the snow. But we should be happy with whatever the Lord sends us.

Debbie Pennington came to our center last week for another meeting, and then came back again and put our little wristband on us to see what we will do. She will be back July 26 to pick them up.

We are about through with our Heart Health Program.

Joe Bentley recently brought us an apple pie, and was it ever good. We’re waiting on the next one. Joe, don’t make us wait too long.

Rhuford and Coleene Hart really enjoyed their vacation with their son and his family (she didn’t give me their names) in Oak Grove. He works for the government at Ft. Campbell. She said they watched the Fourth of July fireworks, and they were spectacular. Rhuford caught some really large bass.

Coleene didn’t fish much, but she and her daughter-in-law went shopping and visited the Quilt Museum of the United States, located in Paducah. She said she was in hog heaven, she was so happy to see those quilts.

We will be having our picnic at Fishpond Lake this coming Thursday (I hope it doesn’t rain). Also, that evening, we’re having a swimming party at the Whitesburg Swimming Pool for our grandchildren.

We senior citizens will watch them swim, and we’ll eat. So we’ll have lots of fun at both events.

Our little Ruby Caudill has been in Whitesburg Hospital for a few days, but she is better now. She was back at the center last Friday.

We had another new member to come and join us. We are glad we’re getting new people to come in as we like to see new faces.

Ermine Center has turned in to the food fund this month, $217.

Last Friday evening, I went to Fleming Baptist Church for a surprise birthday party for my sister-inlaw, Fleda Davis of Sparta, Tenn., given by her two daughters, Judy and Jerri. The house was full and all kinds of goodies to eat.

Last Saturday, I went to the Wright reunion at Thornton Park. This was my late husband’s family reunion. I had a wonderful time as I met some of our nieces and nephews that I hadn’t seen in years, and some I had to ask who they were and their names. This was the 29th year this reunion has been going on. We sure had a wonderful day, and plenty to eat and drink. Everyone enjoyed being together.

This sure is a big, wonderful family. They came from Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee and western Kentucky, and also those who live in Letcher County.

I guess that’s enough to tell what I’ve been doing, so you know what I know (not much, is it?).

We are missing a few of our people who have not been there for a few days. Charles and Shirley, where are you? Where have you been and what’s going on? Let us know, because we miss your smiling faces. There’s another one who’s not been back for a while and was missing, but was found at Sunday School and church. So get with it, you guys, and get back to the center before you lose your chairs to someone else.

You seniors, if you have nowhere to go and nothing to do, come on to Ermine Center and join us and see what great times we have. We will be good to you. We’re looking to see you soon.

I almost forgot: last week Shaun Blevins, a Consumer Education coordinator from Pacs Now, came and we played special Bingo and had a great time.

God bless until next time.

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