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Pictures posted of Roxana festival

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Hello everyone!

Who has pulled out a sweatshirt or dug in the bottom of a drawer and pulled out your long johns or snug’ems? If I had a furnace I might have turned it on, but I settled for my electric blanket.

August 2 came and went like the wind, and we can never retrieve it.

For almost a year I had planned to attend the festival at Roxana, but I just had too many things going on. I felt it was best to stay home.

I had plans of being on that mountain to hear the echoes of the mountains I love and proud to call home. Ready to feel the wind and to enjoy the music.

I was meeting my cousin Bev as she told me that her son Jack and the band Sunrise Ridge was one of the bands scheduled. Hearing of Bev’s death, then the short time span for her funeral made it almost impossible.

I wish I had just made the trip and stayed for the festival. I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves at the festival.

I had the oil changed and the car checked, and the technician found I had a bolt broken in the sway bar, whatever what that is. My son said it wouldn’t hurt to drive it, but he wanted to take a look at it first. He was at work and by the time he got home it was late and I didn’t feel like driving.

I really appreciate someone’s offer for me to stop in Lexington and pick up her car to go on to the mountains.

I feel so guilty because I didn’t to see Bev while she was in the hospital in Lexington. It seems every time something happens to some of my family, I am having health issues.

The week Bev was in Lexington I had to get another angiogram. This one hurt more than the other two. I couldn’t drive for a couple of days and it actually hurt to walk.

When my brother Jerry Hall was in the hospital for a long stay, I had colon surgery and wouldn’t tell anyone.

Two of my daughters were at the hospital with me. When the nurse paged my youngest daughter they said they didn’t think I would pull through as my blood pressure and heart rate had dropped so low that my heart was too weak.

When Anna called my son, she was screaming and crying. He told her that I was too mean for anything to happen to me, that I was a fighter and would pull through.

My brother Richie Hall was the only family who knew when I had the fiveway bypass. I told one special friend because I knew they wouldn’t say anything, then told my children and about five other people and those were all who knew.

I guess I am sort of weird or maybe private as I prefer to have procedures done and then say something.

I am too far away from my family for anyone to be here, plus I don’t want to be a bother to anyone.

My heart goes out to Bev’s family especially young Jack as he has lost someone that no one can ever replace. Jack was the apple of Bev’s eye as the old saying goes.

Bev loved everyone, and so often told me that she admired me because I was such a strong person. Bev said she wished she had my courage, and that I took after our grandmother Betty Barton.

Bev had a sweet, humble personality. She was like my mom and my sister Loretta. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was born at home, I would almost think that someone switched babies, and I didn’t belong to Mommy.

Now if I had lived close to Loretta I would think someone switched Sue, and she was supposed to be mine.

How can two people who don’t live close to each other be so much alike? Actually Sue and I would probably kill each other if we lived close. I love Sue very much, along with her husband Mart and daughter April. Oops, I almost forgot April has a beautiful little girl named Brook.

As you may have noticed this column may be scattered as I can’t seem to concentrate.

Thanks to Richard Caudill for posting pictures of the festival. I longed to be there when I was reading the comments.

Richard was patting his feet to the music. Had I been there he would have been, as my little Mommy used to say, picking them up and setting them down, not just patting them.

Of course if I was to get anywhere close to Richard’s house he better not turn his back as a couple of strings of shucky beans would sure disappear, along with those delicious looking tomatoes he has. He literally has made me want to go blackberry picking while seeing the berries he has picked. I gained five pounds just looking at the pictures. Oh well, just call me roly-poly.

On television it showed where women was using padding to make their bottoms fuller. Let me tell you, I have enough junk in my trunk, and I am not referring to my car either.

I know a feller who likes oversized packages and I would fit right in.

I am going to find an apartment for my son and kick him out of my house, not because I don’t love him nor am I mad, I haven’t spent this much in my kitchen in seven years. I enjoy cooking for him, the only thing I am enjoying eating too.

If any of Betty Kelly’s relatives call her and her phone has been disconnected, Bill will probably get rid of it so Betty and I can’t have our morning chats as we have gotten into a habit of doing.

I wish Bill and Betty along with Doyle and Betty could all make it to Letcher County Day, Sept 27. It will be held at Harrison Community Center, 300 George St., Harrison, Oh. 45030 12-? Bring a beverage and covered dish.

I hope someone will come and play music. We will miss Gary Eldridge who has entertained us for two years, and I hope Glenora Eldridge can make it.

Les and Pat Wagner are really enjoying the labor of love from their garden. It is so good to be able to tease these two. I not only gained a friend who is like a sister to me, I feel the same about Les. I might have said this before, I love the whole family.

Larry Hasty is still doing fairly well with his hip, and I believe he is due for more surgery before long.

I’ve neglected talking to Ann Calhan this week as things have been so topsyturvy.

It is getting late, so until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio.

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