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Piece of mail caused fine

Someone went and put cockle burrs in my bed last night, and I want to share my good fortune with everyone who reads The Mountain Eagle.

I don’t normally downgrade the laws we have here in Letcher County. I will go out of my way to obey them, but not this time.

About three years ago my two oldest sons paid a hefty littering fine for something they didn’t do. At the time, the oldest one didn’t have a vehicle and didn’t even know where Indian Creek was, but he does now. He only had one piece of mail coming in periodically and that was a free magazine from an electric co-op in Pulaski County, where he has an account.

He had no vehicle, no job, and no money, so I paid his fine for him even though I knew they were not guilty.

Since we do have and did have garbage service at that time, I find it a little on the shady side for him to find some mail dumped illegally several mines away and conveniently near the transfer station.

They had no choice but to plead guilty to stay out of court. The plaintiff, the litter warden, had about as much chance as a snowball in Hades proving them guilty, and the defendants, my sons, had about the same chance of proving they were innocent of said charges.

Now, I have a question for you, Mr. Litter Warden. Someone donates some reading material to, let’s say, a library. They use what they can and put the leftovers on a table within the library with a ‘Free’ sign on them. The material is donated to someone else again and again, and eventually ends up discarded where it shouldn’t be in an illegal dump.

Now then, Mr. Litter Warden, you come along and while dump-digging, you find the same reading material with the name still on it. Who pays the fine? The library? I don’t think so.

Is it the good Samaritan who was generous with their material? Probably, and with no evidence whatsoever that they are guilty unless there is a law somewhere in the books, and considering the condition of Letcher County among others, there may well be one which makes it illegal to donate anything.

So now we are at a standoff. The plaintiff has no way of proving the defendant’s guilty, and guess what, Mr. Litter Warden. The defendants will usually plead guilty to stay out of court because they know they don’t stand a chance and there will be other fees added when they go to court.

What it boils down to is this, anytime you have a gripe against someone, just get a piece of mail with that person’s name on it and plant it in the wrong place and call and report an illegal dump.

See how easy that would be, Mr. Litter Warden?

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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