Whitesburg KY

Pikeville teaming with Jewish Hospital

Pikeville Medical Center has now entered into an affiliation agreement with Jewish Hospital in Louisville for transplant care. The Transplant Center, a joint program with the University of Louisville School of Medicine, is nationally recognized and was responsible for the first minimally invasive kidney donation in Kentucky. The Center is also a member of numerous national transplant networks.

The agreement is the fourth affiliation between Pikeville Medical Center and other providers is designed to help patients who need kidney transplants. All the preliminary medical work will be done at Pikeville Medical Center, the transplant surgery will be performed in Louisville, and then all follow-up care will be available at Pikeville.

Pikeville Medical Center nephrologist Dr. Donna Sanders says kidney disease is very prevalent in the region. “When I came back home to practice here at Pikeville Medical Center, I was surprised to find such a high number of patients with kidney disease. When the disease progresses to such a point that a transplant is indicated, we are fully prepared to provide all the pre-operative and postoperative care. It’s wonderful that we now have Jewish Hospital, with its prestigious reputation, available to do the actual transplantation.”

The hospital’s first affiliation was with Cleveland Clinic’s Heart Surgery Program in 2011. Cleveland Clinic has been recognized as the top heart hospital in the country by U.S. News & World Report for the last 17 years. More recently, Pikeville Medical Center has become affiliated with Buchanan General Hospital in Grundy, Va., and with Mountain Comprehensive Health Corp. in Whitesburg to provide cardiac care services to patients of those two facilities.

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