Whitesburg KY

Pilot reports forest fire here

An high-flying airplane pilot was able to alert officials to a large forest fire at Dunham.

The air traffic control center in Indianapolis called Kentucky State Police on Monday to report that a pilot had notified them about a large forest fire he spotted while flying about 10,000 feet in the air over Dunham.

Jenkins Police Chief Jim Stephens said the Jenkins Volunteer Fire Department and the Kentucky Division of Forestry spent much of the day Monday controlling the fire.

KSP Dispatcher Ryan Adams said the pilot gave the exact latitude and longitude of the fire’s location. Stephens said the size of the fire was as easily as big as the Gateway Industrial Park near Jenkins.

“It’s still burning in some areas,” said Stephens. “It’s so dry and windy.”

Stephens said the fire was brought under control instead of being extinguished because it is not located near a residence.

“We want it to burn up all the fuel so later in the summer it won’t be so bad,” said Stephens.

Stephens said the fire was started by someone burning garbage illegally. Stephens said the Kentucky Division of Forestry plans on citing the person, whose name he did not release.

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