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‘Pine Tree’ candleholders


Take a family walk together this holiday season and discover the hardy evergreen shrub with flat spray-like green branches known as “arborvitae.” A member of the cypress family, it grows in most zones of the country. Take a closer look, and see how the tips on branches resemble the shape of a pine tree.

“Why not glue the flat tree-like tip portions of the branches onto clear glass votive candleholders?” friend Lisa MacMartin suggested. She’s always on the hunt for natural materials at her family craft studio, Heartfelt, in Minneapolis (heartfeltonline.com).

I gave her idea a try. After clipping a few sprigs in my backyard, I flattened them between pages of a thick book for a week. When pressed, the mini branch tips were ready for adhering to clear glass votive candleholders. For the holidays, a dash of white glitter on the sticky glue was the perfect wintry touch.

Press a few branch tips, and you’ll be set for a family craft night making these festive votives for a cozy candle lit evening in your home. Or, wrap extras up for hostess gifts when you share the season with others.

Here’s what you’ll need:

— pressed stems of arborvitae

— scissors

— standard-size clear glass votive candleholders available at craft stores, or up-cycle clear glass jars with labels removed

— Mod Podge waterbase sealer, or household white glue

— paper plate

— small paintbrush

— fine white or sparkly white glitter

Here’s the fun:

1. Trim four “ tree-shaped” ends of the arborvitae to fit a bit less than the height of the votive holder.

2. Pour Mod Podge or glue onto plate. (If using glue, dilute with a few drops of water). Brush Mod Podge or glue mixture on a section the size of one of the “trees” on the outside of the glass. Press greenery with your fingers until it adheres. Lightly brush on another layer or two of the adhesive. Sprinkle with glitter. Repeat as you go around the candleholder.

3. Once dry, your votive holder will be set for service. Place a lighted candle inside, and watch it shimmer. (An adult should always be present when burning candles.)

TIP: If you don’t have access to arborvitae, instead, print and cut out images of pine trees or other natural images online or from magazines.

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