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Pitino should step down with dignity

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So, Louisville coach Rick Pitino did not attend ACC media days because he would be a distraction. I wonder how he is not going to talk about elephant-in-the-room from here to the end of the coming season?

Pitino is handcuffed to the most gossip-rich words in America today this side of Hillary and Benghazi, Sex and scandal.

Since Katina Powell’s 104-page sleaze surfaced, this spider web has encircled high school kids, so-called guardians, ex-players running for cover — one of whom called himself “The Elvis of Louisville.”

Meanwhile, the gotcha crowd at the University of Kentucky, many of whom remember Cardinal fan funfests on Wildcat basketball’s Shame in the 1980s, are having a ball.

Words to describe it all? Frantic and frenzy fit media story lines for this provocative and electric topic in college sports today.

Frantic to pontificate first and with TV-preacher-fervor the reasons why Pitino is not the villain. And, a frenzy to sermonize on why he is. Frantic to be first to find the rat, Andre McGee, and, after a knuckle sandwich, make him talk.

Frenzy to discover who bankrolled McGee’s nefarious doings — a process remarkably like Dwane Casey’s alleged airmail package to Claud Mills at Kentucky that fell open in 1988.

Frantic to get ex-player Terrence Williams to expand on “I was the Elvis of Louisville.” Frantic to limit Minardi Hall Sugar Momma Katina Powell to 15 minutes of fame instead of 15 with Steve Kroft at “60 Minutes.”

In their frenzy to damage control at UofL athletics:

• President Jim Ramsey endorsed director of athletics. Period.

• Athletics Dircector Tom Jurich nodded support for his ball coach. How does Jurich feel about that AD job at Texas today?

• Associate AD Ken Klein and pecking order on down, everybody “just shut the hell up!”

Beyond the frantic and frenzy, permit me a bit of take-a-deepbreath context. Alleged doings at Louisville are shameful, but merely the latest in a long line of recent sex scandals in college sports. Syracuse basketball and Penn State football (2011) resulted in NCAA sanctions, firings, prison and iconic Joe Paterno dying of a broken heart. In 2013, Vanderbilt football players were charged with

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