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Plan to cut mine visits is just stupid

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Kentucky’s state legislators have been talking about doing the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of them attempting to do — cut inspections of underground mines from six to eight inspections a year to only two a year.

The big talk in Frankfort was this change could save money. Well, I say cut the money they are taking from eastern Kentucky to renovate Rupp Arena. Not long ago the General Assembly voted to take $2 million to $3 million of our coal severance money and use it to help renovate Rupp Arena.

Well, we all love our Kentucky Wildcats, but I love our coal miners better. For many years we have lost too many coal miners to accidents and black lung. Our coal mining men and women have fought for and died for a safe environment in the mines. Now our legislators want to trade them off to save a dollar.

Talk about kicking a man when they’re down. We have lost thousands of coal mining jobs in eastern Kentucky. Now that we just have a few miners working, they must not count for much to our men and women in Frankfort.

I look forward to hearing Frankfort’s answer to this. After all they recently said it wasn’t their fault when Kentucky Power Company drained us dry. Now I can’t want to see what their answer to this is. Will it be, ‘It’s not what it appears to be?’ or will it be our people in eastern Kentucky can’t believe their eyes or ears?

Whatever their answer is, it’s wrong. But instead of answering me, they should answer the woman who doesn’t have a husband because he was killed in the mines. Don’t answer me, answer the child who doesn’t have a father or mother because they were killed in the mines.

Don’t answer me, tell that man who can’t walk 10 feet because he can’t get his breath because of black lung or he’s crippled from a roof fall.

Our miners have fought too long for a safe place to work for a bunch of people in Frankfort to take that away.

I am sure that not all of our legislators agree with cutting the number of inspections back, but you should call or write them. Here is the information: Rep. Leslie Combs, 245 East Cedar Dr., Pikeville, Ky. 41501, (502) 564- 8100; Rep. Johnny Ray Turner, 849 Crestwood Dr., Prestonsburg, Ky. 41619, (502) 564, 6100; Rep. John Short, 240 Briarwood Lane, Mallie, Ky. 41836, (502) 564-8100.

District Five Magistrate

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