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Planning is underway for Blackey Day event

It is January and it’s cold and snowy and deep wintertime in Letcher County.

But there is one bright spot. Some of the Blackey Improvement Committee have already started planning and thinking about how we can make Blackey Day a bigger and better celebration. We have some wonderful ideas on how to improve our celebration.

Violet Watts does an excellent job with the music entertainment. That is a big job, but she makes it look easy.

This year, 2012, we hope to improve the food and craft booths. We would like the booths to showcase east Kentucky talent with their crafts. Some of the booths we had last year, I don’t think you could improve on. They were great, and we want to have the best of the best to offer for Blackey Day Celebration.

Blackey Day is almost like a homecoming to people who live away. They come home to see family and friends, and they plan this visit home to Letcher County from year to year. That’s how we did when we lived away around the festival times, so we could see everybody.

There are people all over the world with roots starting in Letcher County and we are proud of this, and encourage them to come back and visit and come to our festivals where you can see people you haven’t seen in years, and that is good. It’s always good to see family and friends.

Blackey Days always has a silent auction, and we really appreciate all the support of the local merchants who donate so generously to our auction, and the donation from the Letcher County Tourism Committee. David Narramore is the chairman, and he is doing a good job.

Also, we want to thank the Letcher County Fiscal Court for its support, and everyone who gave something for the silent auction, or gave their time to help in any way.

We have a good working committee. All the members are ready and willing to work to better our community any way they can, and I’m proud to work with and be a part of them.

So mark your calendar for Saturday, Oct. 13, for the Blackey Day Celebration. I know this is advance notice, but it takes a lot of planning and a lot of work to make this a successful event.

Thank you for coming to Blackey Day 2011, and plan on coming in 2012. We have plans for a bigger and better celebration. For information call Loye Caudill, 606-633- 4029 or Doris Adams, 606- 632-3777 or 634-2530.

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