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Plans get changed and you get to them eventually


Wow! January seems to have zoomed right on by. I can’t help but wonder if the rest of the year will do the same. Seems as we get older we’re so much busier we don’t have time to get bored and time just flies.

Plans get changed and you get to them eventually or they end up falling by the wayside and forgotten about.

We’ve been quite busy here. We had snow last week. It seemed kind of funny I told everyone, the ice storm hit on my birthday last year. Well guys, down it came. It started early and within a few hours the ground was covered. Students had classes canceled, however Bardstown Independent schools were in session.

Parkway Baptist Church had a game night and chili supper in the Parkway Family Center on Feb. 6. They offer church services through the week and Bible study and children’s and youth programs weekly as well to keep families focused on Christ and help families worship together.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and the air is filled with romance and good feelings of love and looking for love. This is a favorite time of year for some people and then you have others who picked Valentine’s Day or that week to get married and then the marriage ended so they choose now to avoid Valentine’s Day all together. Which, shame on me, I found rather amusing until I thought about the fact that I was married the Saturday after Valentine’s Day because it fell on a Monday in 1994. Oh well, life doesn’t always give us what we expect it to.

The kids are excited about the big valentine swap at school. They started asking for Disney princess and other types which I just happened to see at Kroger for a nice $3.99 and $4.99 for 16 valentines. I don’t care to say I’m a thrifty shopper. I’m going to Dollar Tree because I can get a box of 20+ for $1. It’s not “cheap” it’s sensible and they are always just as happy.

I find myself looking at things differently as ways to save more to have more, or to at least put the money where it matters. I’ve been writing less news because I’m working my business more often. If I’m not with my kids I’m working face to face with customers. I decided even though my car is paid for and I only pay the insurance, my kids would benefit more from the money I’m paying on insurance when I earn my free car from Mary Kay because they cover 75 percent of the insurance. So I haven’t made the news in every week because I’ve been concentrating on my kids and my career.

February 15 was scheduled to be a day without school however it has now become a snow make-up day and we’re expecting some snow and a lot of rain this coming weekend.

Happy birthday to everyone celebrating and happy anniversary to everyone who has one that I might have missed.

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