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Plastic wrap makes fun Christmas game


If you all have never played the Plastic Wrap game where you have all sorts of items wrapped in plastic wrap, you really need to check it out. There are many different versions and most of them are on the Internet. Well, at our No Limits Fitness Christmas party was the first time I have played it, although I have seen it many times on a website called Pinterest and thought about doing that for our get-togethers at Mommy’s. We had so much fun with the No Limits group I decided to do it for our family this year. It just so happened that my brother Albert and his wife Tonya and their granddaughter couldn’t be here until Friday the 27th, so I had to fix two different ones. The one on Christmas Eve was so much fun everybody wanted another one for Friday.

Of course, if I am the one putting the items in the wrap there has to be some gag gifts thrown in there every so often. I cleaned all kinds of junk out of my junk drawers and threw in some candy here and yonder with some Paparazzi jewelry and money. Even folded up some paper and put some coins in it once or twice and then to throw them off I would just fold up some paper without coins. My sister, Delores, really loved that part. Speaking of Delores, if you are the ones standing beside her you better watch your prizes ‘cause she has a way of getting yours without you knowing it.

I also came up with a new twist I hadn’t seen anywhere, just thought of it all by myself. I added little pieces of paper with numbers 1-17 on them all throughout the plastic wrap ball. I didn’t tell anybody what that was for, just let them guess as they were unwrapping and fighting over the numbers. Charlene’s granddaughter Chesnee Mason was the one that ended up with the prize in the middle of the plastic wrap. It was a little container with money in it.

The numbers matched presents that had numbers on them. I handed out the gift that matched their numbers then without looking inside their gift bag allowed them to trade if they wanted to. They then could look in their gift bags. Some of these also contained junk from my junk drawers and others had good gifts. We loved it so much. I think I enjoyed watching Mommy play and pull a little Rubbermaid lid out of the plastic wrap, then try her best to figure out why in the world I thought a lid without the container would make a good gift. She would just have the oddest expressions on her face throughout the whole game.

All in all we didn’t get too many battle scars throughout the whole game. Charlene just lost a nail or two. My grandson, Seth Hampton, who just so happened to be standing beside Delores, got a few scratches. Other than that I think we faired pretty good. I’m so happy our family doesn’t hold grudges. So, I came to Mom’s with about three big bags of stuff and got to go home with only one small bag. I can’t wait to do this again so I can clean out Yonts’s tool building.

As much fun as we have during Thanksgiving and Christmas I am very happy to get back to our normal routines. I’m looking forward to having our house back to normal, too. And, believe it or not I am tired of eating turkey, ham, and venison.

We were talking the other day about how high our TV cable bill is and how two-thirds of the channels were ones we didn’t even want and never watched. Speaking of which, I am so upset over TV Service taking our TV Land off our cable list. There were so many shows I loved on there. Lots of others that have talked about it on Facebook are upset over it, too.

But, anyway back to the subject. My brother-in-law Ricky Mason and I were discussing how the younger generation would never know what our experiences were with TV and signals and how many channels we had. Our TV line, of course, ran up the hill to the top of the mountain and the antenna had to be positioned in a certain way to receive signal. It had to be re-positioned from time to time depending on the weather and other things. This required a trip to the top of the mountain and hollering back and forth as to whether they had turned the antenna the right way. This is funny to think about now, but back then it wasn’t one bit funny. The television also had no remote so you had to actually get up and change the channels and if you were lucky you had three choices, ABC, NBC, and CBS. It also went off at 12:00 a.m. with the flag waving and “The Star Spangled Banner” playing.

There was a wonderful post on Facebook talking about a 60th wedding anniversary of Paul and Judy Hampton. Judy was a Sunday School teacher at Millstone Missionary Baptist when we first started going there. She also participated in Bible School, Young People’s Meeting, and Children’s Church. Mom and I want to wish her and Paul a happy anniversary.

Two birthdays this past week I wanted to mention were Jim Hall on the 26th and Gwen Begley on the 28th. I feel so sorry for people that have their birthdays so close to Christmas. Maybe I should feel sorry for their families for having to buy their birthday and Christmas gifts both in the same month.

Please remember to keep praying for Imogene Sexton, Laney Webb, Terry Wilson and Alpha Profitt. Also, one of our Letcher County seniors passed away last week, Hobert Sergent. He had been in the Letcher Manor Nursing Home for about a year. Please remember all in the nursing home and hospital and all that have lost loved ones. Please keep our pastor, Bill Jones, and his whole family in your prayers the whole month of January. The trial is supposed to take place this coming month.

Remember Oma’s plea, take yourself and your family to church this Sunday morning and Sunday night and throughout the week.

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