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Play featured Cowan, Letcher County

Big Cowan

Hello everyone!! Sorry for not writing anything last week. I had been tied up with play practice and the play and other events going on.

The Cowan Community Center play, “The Homecoming”, went real well. I truly had a blast and, working with some of the most wonderful people, now we feel like we are the best of friends and they all feel like family.

Valerie Ison Horn, Jolinda Wright, Carol Ison, Nell Fields, Letha Dollarhyde, Albert Smith, Fran Day, Sandra Hatton, myself, Frieda Campbell, Bessie Shepherd, Darrell Holbrook, Grace Walworth and R.C. Day all acted out stories and made it into a play not only about Cowan but other communities in Letcher County. It was produced by Bob Martin assisted by Ben Barron. I love all of you and thanks for letting me participate.

Then this past Friday night they had Christmas on the Creek with the Carcassonne square dancers. I did not get to attend.

Saturday night, King’s Chapel Lift meeting had their Christmas party at church with several ladies in attendance, Jeanne Adams, Ann Compton, Lorraine Stewart, Gloria Rogers, Joyce Sturgill, Linda Brown, Dian Southworth and daughter Misty, Jackie Rogers, Fay Shepherd, Misty and Farrah Combs, Kaitlin Shepherd and myself. We all had a great time, great dinner, and exchanged Christmas ornaments.

I went to Hemphill to listen to The Country Troubadours. Did not have a real big crowd; guess lots of people were at the Christmas parade in Whitesburg. Plus it was really a chilly night. We had fun anyway.

Late happy birthday to Chris Adams on Dec. 12.

My mother Mary V. Fields would have been 91 on Dec. 13. I sure do miss her. She has been gone 21 years. The holidays are not the same without her, my dad Jasper Fields and nephew Marty Fields. (He died on Dec. 14 at the age of 16. He would have been 40 now.)

Also, my husband James is no longer with us. So the Christmas season is rough for me. We would have been married 45 years if he had lived until Dec. 21. Life is hard without him. A big part of me is gone, but I am doing my best to make it to heaven to be with them again one day.

Little Marty Fields will be 11 years old on Dec. 16.He is precious. Happy birthday, Bub. Leah Grace Nicely will be six years old on Dec. 17. Happy birthday, Sweetie. Happy birthday to Delze Banks who lives in Cumberland and will be 69 on Dec. 18.

Carol and Kendall Ison will be married 53 years on Dec. 20. Happy anniversary.

George Allen Adams has a birthday on Dec. 24. Happy birthday. Happy birthday Dasia Rae Fields on Dec. 26. She will be 19. Happy birthday to Colton Gabriel Trent Whitaker who will be eight years old on Dec. 29. Love you, Bub. Happy birthday to my sister-in-law Margaret Pack Fields on Dec. 29. Have a good one.

I went to the Tree of Life ceremony at Whitesburg ARH on Dec. 7. It was beautiful but sad because so many have gone on before.

In remembrance for the rest of December are:

Mary Fields, 21 years ago. She would have been 91 Dec. 13.

Marty Allen Fields would have been 40. He died Dec. 14.

Elijah Sandlin, three years ago on Dec. 14.

Michael Douglas Rayburn, two years ago Dec. 16.

Marvin Taylor Sr., birthday wishes. Would have been on Dec. 16.

James E. Fields, 45th wedding anniversary Dec. 21.

Barbara Ann Maggard Boggs would have been 78 on Dec. 25.

Charlie Miles would have been 72 on Dec. 25.

Jenny Day, daughter of the late Ran and Bonnie Day, died two years ago on Dec. 28.

Frankie Day died two years ago on Dec. 31.

I remember all of them with the fondest memories. They may be gone but never forgotten.

My brother Archie Fields had his stroke two years ago on Christmas. I am still blessed to have him and my sister this year.

Well folks, guess I had better quit writing or I will never get this turned in.

Thanks to Bonnie Ingram for her story on Floyd Frazier. I had always been told that story by my parents. I enjoy all of your memories.

Thank care everyone and have a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Be sure to pray for those that are sick, financially in need, those that need jobs, the shut-ins, all those with cancer and the drug and alcohol addicts.

May God bless until next time. Also keep me and my family in prayer. Thanks.

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