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Play performed at Blackey Community Center a big success

We were among a large crowd that attended Mount Olivet Church this past Sunday for their memorial for deceased members. There were 185 names read of people who had been members of the church.

Years ago when Agnon Back was alive and would read the names, he had known every one and had a little something to tell about each one. I often wonder if anyone ever taped him reading the names and recounting a little of each of their lives.

Much sympathy to Joy Watts, who lost her last sibling with the death of her sister, Grace, and to the rest of the family. Many prayers have been said for Joy’s daughter, Juanita Hensley, who has been very sick in the Pikeville hospital. She is a little better and hopefully continues to improve.

Arnetta Mae Slone continued to have health problems and spent a day or so in the hospital, where stents were put in her leg. Hopefully that will get her back to doing better.

Children of the late Dock and Dixie Smith were recently here to attend the Smith reunion. June, Doyle and Charles and some of their families attended.

Doyle is doing better from his fall last year that broke many bones. He wears a brace for his back. It was good to see all of them.

We had a bolt of lightening strike somewhere in our vicinity on Saturday. It took out many phones and lots of TV service. Some lost computers and X-boxes. It was the brightest strike and the thunder shook the ground. One neighbor said it knocked pictures off her wall. We lost a flat-screen TV and our house telephones.

This Sunday will be the memorial meeting at Spring Branch Cemetery, the Melton Cemetery at Carbon Glow, and Little Dove Church at Sassafras.

Don and Coreen Pridemore went with me and Bob to the Maggard memorial last Sunday evening. It was held at Eolia, and the little old church had a fair amount of folks attending.

A birthday get-together was held to honor Stella Elam on her 88th birthday. Her family gathered at the old Stuart Robinson School dining hall, and she had a good birthday.


I am happy to report that Dalton Slone and Landon Wilder are both out of the hospital and are mending at the home. Landon was hurt in a 4-wheeler wreck, and Dalton in a car accident.

Richard and Libby Smith spent some time last weekend at a cowboy shooting event in Hooten Old Town in Jackson County’s Hooton Holler.

I am sorry to hear that Linda Caudill of Doty Creek has been so sick again and has been in and out of the hospital. Hopefully she is feeling better this week.

The recent dinner and play put on at Blackey’s Community Center was a big success. They sold out of tickets almost immediately and hopes are they will do an encore show.

Jeff, Vickie and Lara Walters were here from London over the weekend, visiting Joanne Walters, Jean Hampton and other family members.

Berma Matthews had her brother, Olan, also visiting recently.

On Memorial Day, Bob, Dad, Mom and myself went on a ride on our Polaris to visit cemeteries. While passing by Roxana we stopped at Amburgey’s Grocery and ordered four of Denny’s bologna sandwiches.

Later that evening we met at Bob’s homeplace for a weenie roast and cornhole games. Attending were Dad and Mom (Don and Coreen Pridemore), Bob, Richard and Libby Smith, Hunter Banks, Kenny Joe Banks and myself.

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