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Playing politics with life wrong

To the Editor:

Politics and ignorance run rampant in the crusade against pro-choice. Strange and contradictory arguments grow out of this. One of those errors is to define life as beginning at fertilization, which argument leads to declaring medical people criminals and pregnant women outlaws.

Surprisingly, enlightenment comes from some professionals in the hierarchy typically anti-abortion. Richard Francoeur, an embryologist and a Roman Catholic, gives the statistics about miscarriages and spontaneous abortions. He says that out of 1,000 conceptions, a great percentage don’t make it during the first two weeks. Even more die off days following, until finally just over a 100 out of the 1,000 make it to a live birth.

Other objective writers have pointed out similar facts. It should be obvious that to practice any kind of contraception under the definition of life beginning at fertilization (or conception) is to be labeled a murderer.

What was the situation before Roe v. Wade? Women without resources for professional abortions were pressured to back alley butchers and droves of them died from infection. Thinking people should realize that something is terribly wrong in any community when any woman is pressed to end a pregnancy. An expected child is ordinarily a joyous occasion.

Modern medical technology ought to have a universal free reign. Agencies like the United Nations Fund for Population Awareness (UNFPA) in over 174 countries for years have been alleviating tragic birthing conditions for mothers and infants. Without such qualified help, women by the millions die in childbirth. Many of their other children do not survive beyond five years.

Powers, both sacred and secular, have played politics with women’s lives too long. Pro-choice is more Christian than abusing adult lives.


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