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Playing the percentages in fishing

Gabby’s fishing fever

This is the time of year when most of the fish like crappie will start moving in and out of the shallow water areas and going toward deeper water. As the water temperatures start to rise as summer weather warms things up, the crappie will look for cooler deeper water in most lakes. As this happens, new patterns and fishing methods must be used to find and catch active crappie in deeper more open area waters.

The crappie will scatter and use different types of cover and structure in the deeper water. On many lakes the crappie will use areas where shallow water drops off into deeper water to hold. Bass, walleye, and catfish will also use these types of areas in summer. Examples of this type of area are where a flat drops off into a river channel on the deep side of a main lake point, along a buff or cliff line, along the edge of a creek or river channel, or a depression in the bottom of any kind such as an old pond.

And to make these areas even better for holding fish is the presence of some form of cover like wood, weeds or rocks, or where if two or more old channels run into the same area or any type irregular forms in the channel like a bend or curve.

All of these types of areas are high percentage areas and are worth the time to locate on a fish finder. Look for schools of fish hanging around these areas and try to see what depth these fish are holding and try to fish your bait or lure just above them for best results.

Try to follow the schools and change baits to find just what active crappie are most active on.

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