Whitesburg KY

Plea nets jail, probation

A Jenkins woman was sentenced to five years of supervised probation after she pleaded guilty to amended charges of seconddegree robbery, complicity to theft by unlawful taking, complicity to fourth-degree assault, complicity to second-degree criminal mischief, and two counts of terroristic threatening.

Kristi Ann Caudill, 27, of 370 No. 4 Hill, while acting with Clifford Jermaine Caudill, took money from Felicia Johnson by threatening Johnson and injuring her on April 24, 2010. She acted with Clifford Caudill in damaging an automobile belonging to Johnson. She resisted arrest by Jenkins Police Officers Scott Ratliff and Wendy Bates, and threatened the officers.

Caudill was ordered by Letcher Circuit Judge Sam Wright on Feb. 25 to serve 16 more days in jail before she is placed on supervised probation. As part of the conditions of her probation, Caudill must pay a supervision fee of $15 each month, a drug-testing fee of $10 each month and court costs of $130. She is ordered to pay $500 in restitution to be paid to the Letcher Circuit Clerk’s Office for Johnson at a rate of $100 each month.

According to the order, Caudill cannot have any contact with Johnson or members of her family and must stay 500 feet away from her at all times. Caudill also ordered to serve a total of 120 days in jail, 104 of which were credited for time served in jail before the sentencing. She was ordered to serve the 16 remaining days on weekends.

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