Whitesburg KY

Plenty of great food at Meade family reunion


Hello. Long time no see.

I hope everyone is enjoying the rain. It is beginning to remind me of the rain forests of Washington. We may have to be renamed ‘hill ducks.’

Things are going great at the center. We have been getting lots of quilting done.

Some of our sick have been getting to come back. Some only one day a week, but that’s better than no days a week. We enjoy having them with us.

We have a Rook tournament going on. It’s between the boys and the girls, Judy Eldridge and I against Harold Day and Greg Eldridge. At the end of 25 games, I will let you know how bad we beat the boys. Ha, ha!

I went to the Meade family reunion a couple of weeks ago, and got to visit with some old friends and meet some of the newer members of the group. There was enough food for an army and it was all good. Some of the best barbecuing in the world went on up there.

Thanks, Meades, for inviting me again this year.

There is another family reunion coming up that I would love to attend. I was invited and really hope to get to be there. Some of the people who will be there I haven’t seen in years.

It is fun to see old friends and meet new ones. I could become a professional family reunion crasher. (PFRC)

Happy birthday to Pam Taylor and Sierra Dollarhyde. Both are getting older. Pam is ??? and Sierra is 18. Love both of you very much. Both are planning to attend Coca Cola University this fall. They are mother and daughter and will have one class together.

I offered to go and get the same class. It would be three generations in the same class. That could be fun.

I talked a little to Morris and Della Mae Maggard. They are two of the sweetest people around. Both have a lot of health problems, but are still able to get around. Their three girls are ever watchful of them. They epitomize what family should be.

Hey little Marty Fields, where did you get that hairdo? I want one just like it. Do you think I would look as cool as you look? You know Letha Ann loves you, crazy hair and all.

My soapbox moment for this week is about the lack of praise in this world.

Everyone complains and gives dirty looks to the family with disruptive or crying children. Try another way. When you see a wellbehaved child or children, mention it to the parents. Let them know you notice. I do this all the time and parents and children appreciate the compliments.

That way you are looking for the good and can ignore the bad.

I’ve just stepped off of the soapbox.

I hope everyone has a great week and is getting ready for fall and the cooler temperatures.

Hug someone, it is good for the soul and a great arm exercise.

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