Whitesburg KY

‘Plumber’ Bill Adams to mark birthday Feb. 25th

I haven’t written in such a long while that most things I didn’t have written down have been forgotten. Sorry.

Mostly sadness to start off with. Those who have been called away by death are Joe Steely, Sharon Asher Ison, and Alfred Adams.

Also, Pat Adams lost a brother, Paul “Ronnie” Prince. Prayers and sympathy to all whose lives have been touched by sadness.

A special invitation to all who know and love “Plumber” Bill Adams to attend his birthday party at the Blackey Community Center on Feb. 25 at 1 p.m. His birthday was on the 19th, and he will enjoy seeing family, friends and neighbors at his celebration, so make plans to attend and wish him a happy day.


At the last of January, Don, Coreen Pridemore and I went to Somerset to wish Mom’s sister, Juanita, a happy birthday. She and her son, Freddie McCrarey, celebrate birthdays on the same day.

Continued prayers for our neighbor Stella Elam. She is home with Hospice helping the family and the caregivers to take good care of her. She is so well known and loved that many visitors drop by, and a special thanks to those who bring covered dishes and treats for her and the family.

Just a brief column, sorry again to those who look for the Jeremiah news and haven’t been finding anything.

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