Whitesburg KY

PMC boss: Ebola rumors hurt

Pikeville Medical Center has issued a statement regarding any concerns of a potential Ebola outbreak in our region.

According to PMC President and CEO Walter May, “Ebola is not spread through casual contact; therefore, the risk of an outbreak here is very low. Even though it is highly unlikely that any patient with Ebola would ever be treated at Pikeville Medical Center, in the best interest of our staff and patients we are currently training staff and renovating a unit specifically for treating patients who could have a contagious virus like Ebola. Pikeville Medical Center has not treated any patients with Ebola, is not currently treating a patient with Ebola, and does not expect to in the future. But if someone does come to our facility with the symptoms, we intend to be prepared.”

May said that irresponsible people are spreading false rumors on social media that Ebola has been identified in our region, and that these hoaxes are ultimately harmful.

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