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Police Beat: Fights, stray dogs, theft



Tuesday, March 4

• At 6:32 p.m., a woman contacts the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Office to report that her ex-husband has taken the children they have parented from her home even though she has been awarded full custody. A deputy sheriff is dispatched to accompany a state social worker to home where the husband is staying at Big Elk Drive, Jenkins.

Wednesday, March 5

• At noon, a sheriff ’s deputy reports from Lance Drive, McRoberts, where he has gone to arrest a male and a female. The deputy reports that the male prisoner “tried to cop an attitude” with him while they were waiting for someone to come sit with the children who are also at the home, but that everything is now okay and he will be bringing the male and female to the Letcher County Jail.

• At 2:26 p.m., a sheriff ’s deputy reports from outside a home at Chip Road, Thornton, where he will attempt to serve arrest warrants naming a man who lives there. After finding the door to the home open, the deputy clears the residence and is able to arrest the man named in the warrants.

Thursday, March 6

• At 10:22 a.m., a Seco woman reports to the sheriff ’s office that a tax preparation firm in Whitesburg has notified her that someone has used her Social Security number to file an income tax return.

Friday, March 7

• At 1:55 a.m., a sheriff ’s dispatcher refers a call concerning an noise complaint at the Parkway Inn to Kentucky State Police and Whitesburg City Police. The complaining witness says the occupants of rooms 218 and 219 are drunk and making a lot of noise.

• At 10:29 a.m., the sheriff ’s offi ce receives a report concerning a man in a red shirt who appears to be very intoxicated while walking along KY 588. The caller is afraid the man might stagger into the path of a moving vehicle.

• At 11:17 a.m., a sheriff ’s dispatchers refers a male caller to the office of Letcher County Attorney Jamie Hatton after the man reports that a woman named Betty is refusing to surrender the keys to a car belonging to his second cousin even though he has written permission to take the car into his possession.

• At 1:12 p.m., a Neon woman telephones the sheriff ’s office to complain about vacuum cleaner sales representatives who she ordered to leave her house after they aggressively made their way inside. A dispatcher tells the woman the sheriff ’s office has received multiple calls about aggressive vacuum sales reps and asks that she notify the sheriff ’s office if they show up at her door again.

• At 2:23 p.m., a deputy is dispatched to The Golden Apple fruit market at Ermine to unlock an automobile that was locked with the keys still inside.

• At 4:10 p.m., a deputy sheriff reports he is en route to the Letcher County Jail with a female prisoner he has arrested at one of the four Dollar Store locations in Letcher County.

• At 5:11 p.m., a man calls the sheriff ’s office from Doty Creek, Jeremiah, to request extra patrol to address the problem of children recklessly operating all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles on Doty Creek Road.

• At 5:12 p.m., a Millstone woman tells a sheriff ’s dispatcher that her husband has been drinking and she is afraid he is going to get violent. Two sheriff ’s deputies and the Kentucky State Police are notified of the call. When officers arrive at the home they are unable to locate the intoxicated man.

Saturday, March 8

• At 12:49 p.m., the sheriff ’s office receives a call from an unidentifi ed third party who reports that a husband and wife are fighting inside a home belonging to another man at the head of Sheas Fork, McRoberts. The caller does not know if any weapons are inside the home. A deputy sheriff has been dispatched to the scene. Neon City Police are also notified.

• At 5:11 p.m., a sheriff ’s deputy reports that he is en route to the Hazard ARH psychiatric center with a patient from the Millstone area who is being committed involuntarily for observation.

• At 6:13 p.m., a Sandlick man tells a sheriff ’s dispatcher that his estranged wife has been telling people that she is going to try to obtain an Emergency Protective Order against him. The caller says he has done nothing that would warrant an EPO being issued against him. He said his wife is acting out of anger and spite.

• At 6:17 p.m., a Sandlick woman who is crying tells a sheriff ’s dispatcher that her estranged husband just appeared at the place she is now staying and “started cursing and carrying on.” She said her husband made no threats against her, but she does not want to be contacted by him. The woman is advised that an Emergency Protective Order cannot be issued because there is no claim of domestic abuse. The woman says she just wants the husband to leave her alone and to be able to pick up some personal items that remain in the home they shared. An agreement is reached between the couple that will permit the woman to pick up her belongings during a two-hour period tomorrow when the husband promises not to be home. The deputy tells the husband not to try to contact the woman and to stay away from the home in which she is now living. The woman is instructed to call 911 if the husband does try to make contact with her.

• At 8:14 p.m., the sheriff ’s department is asked to send a deputy to the Whitesburg Walmart to open a gold Chevy Blazer that is locked with its keys still in the ignition. The vehicle is parked by the propane tanks.

• At 8:19 p.m., a Payne Gap woman asks the sheriff ’s department for assistance in giving a “jump start” to a disabled green Ford Ranger at Crosby Drive. The woman calls back and says a passing motorist was able to give the vehicle a boost.

• At 8:54 p.m., an anonymous caller tells a sheriff ’s dispatcher that drugs are being sold by a woman at Rush Drive in the Isom- Jeremiah area.

• At 9:07 p.m., a sheriff ’s deputy and a Kentucky State Police trooper are en route to Sergent, where two men have been fighting. Upon their arrival, police find six people standing outside a home. However, one of the two men who were fighting has left the scene in a black Chevy Blazer. The man is armed with a firearm and a knife.

• At 10:53 p.m., a resident of Franklin Branch, Craft’s Colly, reports to the sheriff ’s office that a vehicle driven by a female has wrecked in her yard. A deputy leaves the scene at 11:18 p.m. with a male he has arrested and is taking to the Letcher County Jail.

• At 11:12 p.m., the sheriff ’s office notifies the state highway department about a tree that has fallen onto U.S. 119 at Oven Fork and is blocking the southbound lane. Highway department workers are en route to the scene.

• At 11:38 p.m., a Little Colley woman calls the sheriff ’s office to report that a carload of people have been hanging out without permission at a private pond at her home Tango Road.

Monday, March 10

• At 3:51 p.m., a man calls the sheriff ’s office to report that he dropped $300 in cash outside a grocery store at Little Colley. The caller said the money was already gone by the time he realized it was missing and he returned to the store. He is asking that a deputy review surveillance video to see if it can be determined who picked the money up.

• At 3: 52 p. m., a Haymond woman reports that all four tires on her vehicle have been slashed.

• At 3:55 p.m., a Whitco man reports that stray dogs have attacked his grandchildren. The caller says he told the county dog warden that if something isn’t done about the strays he will shoot them the next time he finds them in his yard.

• At 10:15 p.m., a caller alerts the sheriff ’s office about a physical fight between and father and son at Mayking. The call was disconnected before a dispatcher could get more information. At 10:25 p.m., a deputy sheriff reports that he arrested one male at the Dream Road and is en route to the Letcher County Jail.

Tuesday, March 11

• At 8:01 p.m., an employee at the Whitesburg Housing Authority calls the sheriff ’s office to report that the ridge line near Pine Mountain Lumber is on fire.

Wednesday, March 12

• At 3:56 p.m., a resident of Camp Branch ( Highway 931 North) calls the sheriff ’s office to report the name of a man he says has been calling his home and cursing and threatening him. The man said the caller told him he would “beat the crap” out of him. The caller said the man told him he would then obtain an arrest warrant charging him with terroristic threatening.

• At 9:31 p.m., a Blackey man tells a sheriff ’s dispatcher that credit cards and jewelry that belonged to his late wife have been seen in the vehicle of another man whom he identified. The caller said the man he identified also stole his pain medication.

Thursday, March 13

• At 8:58 a.m., a sheriff ’s deputy is dispatched to Ermine to unlock a 2002 KIA van that has been locked with the keys still inside.

• At 4:58 p.m., a burglar alarm sounds at Letcher Country Central High School. The Whitesburg Police Department is dispatched to the school.

• At 5:51 p.m., Deputy Sheriff Gale Dean Campbell said he would take care of a vehicle that needs unlocked outside the IGA grocery in Jenkins.

• At 8:06 p.m., a caller from Cram Creek, Mayking, tells the sheriff ’s office about problems he encounters each time a certain friend visits his home. The caller says that whenever the friend, a male, shows up at his home, another male drives by his house and yells curse words at his friend.

• At 8:08 p.m., a concerned resident from Flat Gap alerts the sheriff ’s office about a man dressed in a camouflage jacket and blue jeans and carrying a yellow grocery bag. The caller says the man is staggering drunk and is causing traffic to have to stop for him.

• At 11:24 p.m., a resident of Wright’s Mountain, Cram Creek, tells the sheriff ’s office that his pet dog had been killed by a neighbor’s malnourished Rottweiler dog that came onto his property. A sheriff ’s deputy will contact the Letcher County Dog Warden about the situation.

• At 11:25 p.m., an employee with the Whitesburg ARH emergency room notifies the sheriff ’s office that a 16-year-old boy is in the ER being treated for a wound that resulted from his being bitten by his family’s dog.

Friday, March 14

• At 11:41 a.m., a Millstone resident calls the sheriff ’s office to report the names of two male suspects who have been burglarizing homes while the owners are away.

• At 1:05 p.m., a sheriff ’s deputy asks a resident of Violet Lane, Pine Creek, to “do the neighborly” thing and stop making it difficult for her neighbor to turn his vehicle.

• At 1:20 p.m., a state social worker asks the sheriff ’s office to conduct a welfare check on 77-year-old man who suffers from black lung disease and has a hard time breathing. The social worker says the elderly man is upset with him and won’t let him enter his trailer home. A sheriff ’s deputy visited the home the found it to be very cluttered with a foul odor and carpeting that is filthy and sticky. The deputy said the floors have bad spots in them that cause a terrible fall. He said the refrigerator contains plenty of food. When asked by the deputy if he is in need of help, the man said he needs someone to come in and clean his house because he is not able to breathe. The elderly man apparently became upset with the social worker after a home medical services worker chastised the man because he or she was called out after hours to replace his breathing machine.

• At 2:49 p.m., a social services worker from North Carolina notifies the sheriff ’s office that an investigation has been opened into accusations that a 69-year-old Cowan man forced his 14-year-old niece, formerly of Whitesburg, to have sex with him during a period of at least a year. The allegations came to light after the child talked about the sexual abuse in a text message sent to a classmate at a school in the town where she now lives. The sheriff ’s office will receive a formal report about the case after the completion of forensic interviews, which began on Monday.

• At 2:50 p.m., a man from Columbus, Ohio, calls the sheriff ’s offi ce to report a woman in Letcher County who has been driving her PT Cruiser without liability insurance. A sheriff ’s deputy makes contact with the woman at her place of employment and advises her to keep her vehicle off the road until it is properly insured. The woman has agreed not to drive until she obtains a policy.

• At 3:09 p.m., the sheriff ’s offi ce is alerted about a female who has been driving a gold Chevy Silverado pickup “all over the road.” A worker with the county senior citizens program followed the truck until the woman pulled over at the mouth of Stamper’s Branch, Isom. The woman is now passed out at the wheel.

• At 4:09 p.m., the stepmother of a five-year-old kindergarten student at Martha Jane Potter Elementary School, Kona, calls the sheriff ’s office to charge that the child was choked while being held down by two boys on Bus 400. The stepmother said the girl has red marks on her neck, which she photographed after the child got off the bus. School officials have been contacted and a formal investigation will follow.

• At 4:39 p.m., a caller to the sheriff ’s office tells of overhearing people talking about traveling to McDowell in Floyd County to attend chicken fights.

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