Whitesburg KY

Police expect to charge man who was found trapped under vehicle

Police say a Fleming-Neon man who was pinned under a car while trying to steal car parts has been released from Pikeville Medical Center and is expected to face criminal charges.

Paul Hall is accused of stealing a catalytic converter from Edge of Town Motors in Neon on Thanksgiving evening. While Hall tried to steal a second catalytic converter, the car fell on Hall, according to Jenkins Police Chief Jim Stephens.

Hall was trapped under the car until the next morning when workers came to the junkyard to remove parts from the vehicle.

After employees heard a faint cry for help around 9 a.m. on November 27, a worker walked around the side of the car and saw two legs sticking out, Stephens said.

Hall told police he recently lost his job and needed money, Stephens said.

Hall sustained abdominal, hip and leg injuries.

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