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Police find shipment of OxyContin after tip from alert postal inspector

New charges could be filed against a Florida man who was arrested last week on drug-related charges.

A postal inspector in Lexington contacted the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department after reading a report in last week’s Mountain
about police seizing more than $1,000 cash, a .22 automatic handgun and several types of controlled substances found hidden behind the left taillight of a 1996 Ford Mustang being operated by Leonard Dockery, 46, of 7743 Grady Drive, Fort Myers, Fla.

Lt. Brian Damron with the sheriff ’s department said the postal service had been sending and receiving packages with Dockery’s address on them for about the last four weeks.

After obtaining a search warrant to examine one of the packages, police found 120 OxyContin tablets, 90 methadone tablets, and 90 Xanax pills inside a box addressed to Dockery.

Damron said the information obtained during the investigation and search will be submitted to a Letcher County grand jury.

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