Whitesburg KY

Police have no leads in brutal beating at Cowan

No arrests yet in Day beating

Kentucky State Police have made no arrests yet in a home invasion robbery that left a Cowan man seriously injured last week, and say they have no leads.

Scott Day, 60, of HWY 931 South, is still in the University of Kentucky Medical Center and has undergone several surgeries to repair damage caused January 27 when he was beaten, apparently with a hammer, after two people broke into his home early that morning. Friends say he lost one eye in the attack, and has multiple other injuries.

Trooper Jody Sims said troopers believe Day might have other information, but “I don’t think they’ve talked to him but maybe a little or none” since the day of the attack. Residents on Cowan said police have been questioning them about possible suspects. Day regained consciousness from the attack about 9 a.m., January 27, and called 911. He told police at the time that he was sleeping on the couch in his house when he was awakened by a loud noise, but was unable to get up off the couch before the attackers were on him. The attackers apparently gained entry by breaking the glass out of a door and unlocking it from the inside. After beating Day into unconsciousness, they stole an AR-15 rifle, a cell phone and left Day for dead.

Police so far have found no leads.

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