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Police in Whitesburg, Neon warn of scams

Police in Whitesburg, Neon
warn of scams

Police in Whitesburg and Fleming-Neon are advising residents to lock their doors and be on the lookout for two scam artists who have been visiting homes in the area.

“Don’t answer the door if you don’t know people,” said Whitesburg Police Chief Scott Adams.

Adams said a man and woman riding in an older model brown Ford Explorer went to at least five houses in the lower end of West Whitesburg people have in their homes. Adams said the couple gained entry into elderly women’s houses by saying they were selling books or conducting surveys.

Adams said no one has reported anything stolen, although the couple was trying to find out financial information about the homeowners.

The man is thought to be 5 ft., 9 inches to 6 ft. tall with a medium dark complexion and dark hair. The woman has red hair and a bandage on her left leg.

Fleming-Neon Police Chief Henry Day said he has been contacted by Haymond residents who said the couple arrived at their homes in a Ford Explorer with Florida tags.

Day said the residents told him the woman came into their homes asking them to buy magazine subscriptions while the man remained in the vehicle. Day said the woman told one man and woman that a dog had bitten her in the leg that was bandaged.

Day said that after using the toilet in one Haymond home, the woman emerged from the bathroom remarking on how nice the house appeared. She then asked what time the couple who lived there had to be at work.

Day said the woman told one homeowner that her father was a trooper at the Kentucky State Police post in Pikeville. Day said he called Pikeville and was told no trooper there had a daughter selling magazine subscriptions in Letcher County.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call
the Whitesburg Police Department at 633-2737, or the Fleming-Neon Police
Department at 855-7900.

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