Whitesburg KY

Police investigating charges student sexually assaulted

Police are investigating allegations that a Jenkins High School student was sexually assaulted with a broom handle earlier this month.

Because of the nature of the charges involved, police would not go on record to talk about the case.

Debbie Watts, superintendent of the Jenkins Independent School District, confirmed that an investigation is underway. She would not say whether the students involved are members of the high school football team.

“We can’t talk about it during this time,” said Watts. “We have been investigating and we will do whatever comes out of the investigation.”

Other sources told The Mountain Eagle this week the school system was initially handling the investigation on its own, but that police were notified about the incident, believed to have occurred on Nov. 2, after a male student admitted to his parents several days later that he had been molested with the handle of a broom by two to three other male students.

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