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Police say furniture stolen from house

Two Camp Branch residents were arrested last week by the Kentucky State Police after police recovered furniture stolen from a home.

Liddy Hall, 35, and John Paul “Dewey” Wells, 25, both of 4777 Thornton Road, were charged with receiving more than $300 in stolen property. Hall was arrested on August 15 and Wells was arrested on August 19.

KSP Trooper David Combs said Bonnie Holbrook, owner of the Parkway Inn, told police on August 13 that between $8,000 and $10,000 worth of furniture was stolen from a house she owns at Camp Branch but does not live in.

Combs said most of the furniture has been recovered.

The Letcher County Sheriff’s Department, Letcher County Constable Gary Cook and KSP Trooper Adam Hall assisted with the case.

Meanwhile, Letcher County Sheriff Danny Webb said his office is working with state police to try to solve a rash of church burglaries that have occurred here recently.

Last week, the Dixon Memorial Old Regular Baptist Church on Highway 7 South in Jeremiah was burglarized, marking the fourth church burglary in Letcher County in less than a month. A church at Cram Creek would have been the fifth burglary, but the would-be thieves ran away after being spotted.

A person familiar with the church break-in at Jeremiah said that before entering the church the thieves broke into the electrical meter base and disconnected the power, then pried open the kitchen door and rummaged through a desk, but found nothing they thought worth taking.

The Little Dove Old Regular Baptist Church in Knott County, located near the Carr Fork Lake spillway, was also broken into one night last week. The breakin was done in a way very similar to the Dixon Memorial burglary.

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