Whitesburg KY

Police say hotel clerk had no idea man in toboggan was there to rob

A warrant has been issued for the man who police say robbed the Super 8 Motel at knifepoint Thursday night, but police had not arrested the suspect as of press time.

Whitesburg Police Sgt. Tyrone Fields said the robber, wearing a full-face toboggan that was gray with dark red stripes, lingered in the lobby of the Whitesburg motel on Dec. 16 for about 20 minutes. He made small talk with the desk clerk, who bought the robber a soft drink from the vending machine. He kept the mask on, but pulled it up to drink the soft drink and the desk clerk saw that he had a goatee.

“The thought never came across the attendant’s mind that he might get robbed,” said Fields.

Then the man asked to use the restroom.

Fields said the man had to walk by the cash drawer to get to the bathroom. The man also had to walk past another room containing laundry, washers, dryers and silverware.

“I think when he came out of the bathroom he grabbed a butcher’s knife from that extra room,” said Fields.

The man held a butcher’s knife to the throat of the desk clerk and demanded money.

“He gave him all of the money out of the cash register and wanted change,” said Fields. “The only people who know where the change is kept would be those who work there or previously worked there.”

The clerk found change and gave it to the man. Employees of Super 8 Motel have estimated that $553.73 was taken.

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